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March Malti-ness

Rejoice, winter is over! Yes, finally. Today is the vernal equinox so it must be true, right?

(Knocks on wood)

After a frosty, snow-covered season that was taxing for even for the most acclimatized of Minnesotans, it is time to crawl out of our hibernation—smell the fresh air, listen to the birds chirp, crack a cold one. We’ve spent the last few months swimming in stouts, scotch ales, barleywines and double IPAs. Something a bit lighter sounds nice, doesn’t it? Here’s some of our spring favorites. Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out!

Utepils Springbok Heller Bock — $7.99/4pk

Is there a more fitting Spring beer than a Maibock? I think not. Bryn Mawr’s hometown hero Utepils crafts a fine example featuring a sturdy yet clean malt profile, akin to the brisk yet refreshing spring air.  Softly sweet grainy aromas and a pop of floral hop character make this a crazy refreshing spring lager.

Insight Wicked Thicket Dry-Hopped Witbier — $8.49/4pk

Something about the spring climate always makes me crave a good witbier. Floral citrus aromas from orange peel and coriander seem to enhance the aromas of melting snow and budding flora. Wicked Thicket is dry-hopped with Citra hops for an extra blast of grapefruity citrus atop the delectably tangy wheat profile.

Indeed Mexican Honey Light — $8.99/6pk

What’s up baby bro? Mexican Honey Light has all the delights of Mexican Honey without the walloping 8% alcohol more fitting for wintry nights. Orange blossom honey, orange peel, and lime peel add a dollop of citrus-y honeycomb notes. Lightly bready maltiness and a clean finish accentuated by a light bitterness from Amarillo hops make this a favorable springtime choice.

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Sünner Kölsch — $3.99/500ml

A true classic that every beer drinker must try in their lifetime. Sünner was the first to brew a modern Kölsch around the turn of the 20th century. The style is unique to Köln, Germany—a beer that has been fermented by ale yeast and then lagered (cold-conditioned). Lightly fruity notes from the ale fermentation carry through to a clean lager finish with a kick of spicy, earthy hop notes. Sign me up!