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Modern Mead

To many people the word mead invokes imagery of ancient societies, mythological gods, or most likely, Minnesota’s own Renaissance Festival – and the cognitive reasoning behind these associations is embedded in history. Mead has followed the growth of our civilization. It’s in fact the world’s oldest fermented beverage, thought to be first discovered in China over ten millennia ago. Rainwater likely found its way into a beehive, fermenting with the assistance of natural airborne yeast. Across the ages, mead gained significance in other early empires for its supposed magical and medicinal qualities. Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans and Vikings all frequently imbibed in the “nectar of the gods.” Today, craft mead is in the midst of a quiet resurgence.

The simple concoction of honey, water, and yeast is the sole requisite of mead production. Diversity of flavor stems from two main factors: Firstly, the addition of fruits, grains, hops and spices. Secondly, the honey bee’s diet. Honey sourced from acacia, blackberries, clover, orange blossom, wildflowers (and others) all impart their own unique personality into the finished product. Despite common belief, mead can exhibit a variety of sweetness levels and even be carbonated. Though it is still a small sub-segment of the fermented beverage market, the recent rise of craft mead production has begun to showcase the true range of this mysterious concoction. Try some of our favorites here at the store!

Crafted Lemon Meringue Pie Mead 500ml

Crafted Lemon Meringue Pie Mead – $10.99/500ml

She’s my Lemon Meringue Pie! This is a cool drink of modern mead with a tart surprise. Bright lemon, honey and vanilla aromas. Creamy lemon and pie crust flavors finish with a touch of zippy acidity. Oh yeah! We are super excited about Crafted Meads here at the store. In addition to Lemon Meringue Pie, we have 3 other delicious offerings! Check out the Bananas Foster Forever Mead, Pollen-Nation Hopped Blackberry Mead, and The Dispear Pear Cardamom Mead. So good!

Dansk Viking Blod Honey Wine Hibiscus and Hops

Dansk Mjød Viking Blod Mead – $27.99/750ml

According to Norse mythology, the gods created a man named Kvasir who possessed the wisdom to answer any question. It is told that upon his death, Kvasir’s blood mixed with honey. Consuming the resulting concoction was believed to give the consumer great intelligence. Viking Blod is an ode to Kvasir. Spiced with hops and hibiscus, it pours with a rose-y amber hue. Aromas of sweet citrus and flowers. The wine-like body has notes of apricot, plums, sarsaparilla, and warming spice. At 19% ABV, it’s good to be careful with this one! Viking Blod is our most popular mead here at France 44.

Redstone Vanilla & Cinnamon Honey Wine – $21.99/750ml

Made with alfalfa and wildflower honey, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and love! This combo is bound to impress. Serve lightly chilled for a great companion on these cool spring evenings.

B. Nektar Tuco-Style Freakout Agave Mead 16.9oz

B. Nektar Tuco-Style Freakout Agave Mead – $7.99/500ml

Orange blossom honey lays the base for this mead crafted with agave nectar, lime juice, and lime zest. Pours pale green with a soft petillant sparkle. Tart lime structure with a creamy sweetness of honey and agave. Pithy lime notes add a little bitterness and zip.