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Old-World Beer, New-School Cans

Thanks to a few dedicated importers, a recent surge of shiny, fresh cans of old world beer styles have been pouring onto our shelves from overseas. Long considered a drawback to the distinctive brews of Europe have been the exclusively-available large, glass cork-and-cage bottles that are typically sold at premium prices. What is one to do if you don’t want to down a whole 750ml bottle in an evening? Thankfully, the calls for consumer-friendly formats have been answered. Some of the finest imports are hitting shelves in four packs of 12 or 16 oz. cans for your enjoyment. Browse some of our favorite new products below.

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Reissdorf Kölsch — $12.99/4pk 16oz Cans

The ales of Köln (Cologne), Germany are amongst the most pure and delightfully-refreshing in the world. Kölsch, the local pale, top-fermented beer, is in-fact name-protected as an appellation under federal law. All imitations brewed outside the city should be donned “kölsch-style.” Reissdorf Kölsch is top-fermented but undergoes a month of cold-conditioning, giving it a lager-like crispness and delicate profile. Slightly malty with faint fruitiness and a soft, dry palate.

Glazen Toren Saison D’Erpe Mere — $13.99/4pk 12oz Cans

Farmhouse ales were first brewed as provision ales for the farm workers in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. While the category has multiple sub-styles, together they all feature a spicy, fruity yeast-driven nose and a well-carbonated, dry palate. The flagship offering of Glazen Toren, this saison has bright, yeasty lemony citrus notes with a hint of coriander and grassy hoppiness. Dry and lightly tart on the finish.

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Praga Premium Pilsner — $7.99/4pk 16oz Cans

As birthplace of the pilsner style, the Czech Republic has a storied brewing tradition and standard for quality. What separates a Czech-style pilsner from the rest? Soft artesian water, which lends an undeniable smoothness, and locally-sourced Saaz hops, which impart an herbal, tangy finish. Praga Pils has a supple nutty, bready maltiness and a gentle spicy, herbal hop note.

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Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Mein Aventinus Weizen Doppelbock — $15.99/4pk 16oz Cans

Weissebier, a historical family of brews once reserved for royalty and those in higher social classes, almost bordered extinction during the peak of pilsner popularity. It was the Schneider family that played a significant role in propping up this style during the tougher years. Now that demand has returned, Schneider Weissebiers are considered a benchmark in the category. Aventinus, their wheat doppelbock, is a hearty, warming beer that boasts notes of sweet, bready malt, raisins, banana, caramel and clove. Rich, yet smooth and quaffable.