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Slightly-Kind-Of-Dry (depending on the day) January

New year, new you! Hey, you really crushed it in 2019—you accomplished some goals, got a few projects done, hopefully treated yourself here and there. But 2020 brings you a fresh set of downs and you have resolved to make the most of them. Perhaps you will finally save enough to take that trip you’ve been planning; maybe you’re choosing to eat more vegetables and less cookies; you might even be choosing to cut back a bit on your adult beverage consumption—especially in the month of January. We totally respect that.

If you are trying to trim back on drinking without completely giving up your favorite liquid luxuries, we have a guilt-free suggestion for you: Low-alcohol, low-calorie craft beer! An appropriately-timed wave of these beers have landed in the Twin Cities, offering a sudsy solution to those who want to start the year off on the right foot. Check out some of our favorite recent arrivals below.

Fair State Dry January Dry-Hopped IPA — $9.99/4pk Cans

Accomplish your resolutions without complete abstinence from your favorite barley-based beverages. This session-able IPA rocks flavor without knocking you over. Tangerine-like citrus hop notes play atop a crisp, cracker-y malt profile with a lingering oily bitterness. 3.5% ABV. 105 Calories.


Odell Good Behavior IPA — $9.99/6pk Cans

This crushable IPA features everything you love about juicy IPAs but tightens a little slimmer at the waist. Fuzzy peach and mango aromas lead to a fresh, zesty citrus palate and pillow-y carbonation. Ooh that’s smooth. 4.0% ABV. 110 Calories.


Able Blk Wlf Stout — $9.99/4pk Cans

Blk Wlf is meant to confuse. It combines elements from multiple other stout varieties—Irish, American, oatmeal, and milk—into one dark but very easy-drinking “session” stout. Fresh coffee and cocoa notes on the nose, with flavors of bitter chocolate, nuts and a hint of caramel on the palate. 3.7% ABV. 111 Calories.


Sufferfest Repeat Kolsch-Style Ale — $9.99/6pk Cans

Concocted with bee pollen to add a honeyed floral aroma. Repeat Kolsch-style ale has grassy hop aromas with a bread-like maltiness. Hints of citrus and an herbal hop bite round out the balanced finish. 3.5% ABV. 95 Calories.


Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher — $5.49/4pk

The product that is a category unto itself. Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher has been a recent favorite of staff and customers alike. It’s an IPA-inspired refreshment with no alcohol, no calories, and no carbs. Citra, Equinox and Centennial hops that have been modified by a hint of brewer’s yeast will trick your nose into thinking that you’re about to drink an IPA. The palate is bright, fresh and invigorating. Try adding a dropper of Modist and Stigma’s collaboration CBD Dream Oil ($59.99/500mg bottle) for a relaxing way to recharge after a long day. 0.0% ABV. 0 Calories.