Our on-hand keg selection is always stocked with a variety of beer styles from local, regional, and international breweries. Not only do we have a beer you’ll love – we also have all the keg accessories you’ll need.

Call ahead and order a keg

Any keg available in our on-hand selection can be reserved at a moment’s notice. But when special-ordering a keg, it’s best to contact us at least a week before your requested pick-up date to make sure we can get you everything you need. Anything less and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request.

Call us at 612-925-3252 to place an order with the beer department or use the form here to send us a note and we will contact you right away. Keg availability and prices are subject to change; we will confirm these when we confirm your reservation.

Keg Information

  • Keg sizes

    • 16-gallon (1/2 barrel) kegs contain 165 12oz. servings of beer
    • 8-gallon (1/4 barrel) kegs contain 82 12oz. servings of beer
    • 5.16-gallon (1/6 barrel) kegs contain 55 12oz. servings of beer
  • Ice & cups

    • Ice is available in 5-pound bags ($1.99) or 18-lb bags ($4.99)
    • Sleeves of 50 x 16oz beer cups are available for $5.99
  • Deposits and fees

    • Most kegs have a $30.00 deposit, but a few breweries charge more ($50.00-$130.00). Do not fear, all deposits are refunded upon return
    • Tap deposits are $55.00 along with a $5.00 rental fee
    • Tub deposits are $15.00 along with a $5.00 rental fee
  • Taps & tubs

    Yes, we rent taps and plastic tubs! Each has a fee and deposit (see above). We take great pride in supplying the cleanest taps and tubs in town!

  • RECOMMENDED Party Pack

    $24.99 per keg set includes both tap and tub rental fees ($10.00 value), three large 18-lb bags of ice ($15.00 value), and two sleeves of cups ($12.00 value). Cups can be substituted for extra ice if necessary.

Additional information

  • Yes, we do sell kegs of root beer! 1919 Root Beer is available in both 8-Gallon and 16-Gallon barrels. Please call ahead to special order. Smaller 5-liter 1919 mini-kegs are also available in-store.
  • We do not refund or exchange full or partial kegs of beer once they have left the store.
  • Tap and tub deposits will not be refunded after 30 days of purchase.
  • You must fill out and sign a keg registration form upon pickup.
  • You are responsible for the rental equipment; deposits shall be withheld for damaged or missing parts.
  • It is unlawful to sell, barter, furnish, or give alcoholic beverages to any one who is under 21 years of age.
  • Because we are a liquor store, even root beer kegs must be picked up and paid for by someone age 21 or older.

Questions? Give us a call at 612-925-3252 and ask for the beer department. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!