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We’re proud to bring you a unique assortment of spirits you won’t find everywhere, from local curated single barrels of bourbon, to artisan-produced bottles, to your long-time favorites.

Spirits Tastings

We have hundreds of spirits at our tasting bar. Whether you’re looking for a sipping tequila or a recommendation for a signature cocktail for a party, our staff is ready to serve.

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Spirits Classes

From learning about the flavors and varieties of finishing barrels on single malts to the best classic cocktails to custom mixers to covering the basics of distillation – our classes will educate and inspire.

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Lifting spirits

Our France 44 spirits team stays on top of trends and seeks to bring in unique spirits you won’t find everywhere. We’re proud to have an extensive assortment of Minnesota craft spirits as well as other small-batch spirits from the US and abroad. Stop in and see what single barrels we have on hand. Hang with us at our spirits tasting bar where we have hundreds of bottles available for sampling. And we’re always thrilled to help you figure out the perfect cocktail to serve at whatever your occasion may be.

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