Wine Storage

Don’t let lack of space keep you from great wine. France 44 offers temperature- and humidity-controlled wine storage units for rent on a month-to-month basis.

Store your wine with us

Whether you’re interested in storing just a case or two or wish to stock up for the years ahead, we’ve got space to suit your needs. Check out the details below, or feel free to print a copy of our rental agreement from this page. Simply fill it out, bring it by our shop, and we’ll get started! Space is limited, so please consult a staff member for availability.

View Rental Agreement

How it Works

  • Rental options

    • Small: Stores 12 cases / $36.99 a month + tax
    • Medium: Stores 18 cases / $49.99 a month + tax
    • Large: Stores 36 cases / $89.99 a month + tax
    • Small Bay: Stores 80 cases / $189.99 a month + tax
    • Large Bay: Stores 120 cases / $249.99 a month + tax
  • Access

    You may access your locker at any time during our regular business hours by talking to one of our staff.

  • We’re available to help

    We’re happy to help you move, consolidate, research or inventory the contents of your locker for $50 an hour.

  • Month-to-month leases

    Rent for as long as you wish!

  • Security

    We’ll supply you with a padlock for a $20 deposit. Our storage facility is located in a secured area of our store only accessible by employees.

  • The fine print

    Locker capacities are based on a standard 12-bottle US cardboard case. The capacity and price per case shown here are for convenience only. There is no guarantee of capacity. Lockers are leased as-is. Any shelving or other modifications must be approved in advance by France 44.

  • Wine shipments

    You may ship nine shipments to France 44 for a receiving fee of $3 per box.