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A Taste of the Fair

Written by Bennett

One of the profound losses for Minnesotans during this year’s pandemic was the cancellation of a great get-together that we hold most dear, the Minnesota State Fair. The annual twelve day festival attracts visitors from the farthest outskirts of our state to a fairgrounds bustling with upwards of 100,000 people in daily attendance. It is an event that any true Minnesotan must experience for themselves, just not in 2020.

Each year we would come for the amusement rides, live music, art, competition, parades, livestock and yes, some great people-watching. But above all this, we would come for the drink and food (as long as it’s on a stick). Over the last decade our growing local beer scene has bolstered the plethora of drink options with some wild, wacky creations that exemplify what the fair is all about: a little bit of excess in the name of fun. Amongst the dozens of craft beers served exclusively at the fair, you would undoubtedly find creations that stretched the concept of beer itself.

Though we missed out on the bulk of state fair brews this year, we are fortunate enough to have gotten our hands on two fun beers that were originally intended for this year’s celebration. So come get yourself a little taste of the fair and cheers to 2021.

Modist MN Brew Together Orange Dreamsicle Sour IPA — $18.99/4pk Cans

A collaboration between Modist, Barrel Theory and the Ballpark Café. This Sour IPA pours a milky, golden yellow with a dense, creamy eggshell-like foam. Sharp aromas of orange peel and dank hops give you a preview of the tangy citrus flavor with a bitter orange- and grapefruit-like finish. Just a hint of high-toned acidity brightens with each sip.

Pryes Winning Cobbler Blueberry Pastry Ale — $15.99/4pk Cans

A collaboration with Freehouse and The Blue Barn. This Pastry-style Ale looks beautiful in a glass, opaque garnet coloring with a salmon-colored foam on top. Jammy, candy-like aromas with a hint of pie crust. Its medium body is fruity but not sweet and has just a splash of vanilla. The lingering berry aftertaste is just right.