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Introducing the France44cast, our new podcast!

By Emmet

You’ve probably noticed this already, but it’s kind of hard to have a quality face-to-face (mask-to-mask?) interaction these days. We feel the same. We miss seeing you. We miss having you in the classroom, in the store, sharing amazing conversations with us about wine, beer, and spirits. If only there were a way to bring those conversations to you, anytime, and anywhere…

So we decided to podcast about it! You’ve probably heard of them. They’re kind of like radio, but on your shiny, candy-bar-shaped pocket screen. There’s a million of them out there about anything you can imagine, from true crime, to politics, to pop culture. And now, there’s a podcast by your beloved Linden Hills liquor store, where we can share our passion for all the things we love to imbibe.

We’re calling it the France44cast. Every Wednesday, you’ll join our host, Marge Buckley, for conversations with our staff and our friends in the beverage industry. We’ll talk about what’s on our mind, what’s in our glass, and how what we drink connects us to the world. We’ll address pressing concerns such as:

  • “What’s the deal with natural wine?”
  • “What’s an agave, and why are there so many different spirits made from it?”
  • “Great sparkling wine is coming from where now?”
  • “What if instead of draft beer, there was a beer draft?”
  • “You’re telling me that I can drink rum like whiskey, and cider like wine?”

And if there’s anything you’d like us to talk about, we would love to know. Send us an email at

Find the France44cast on Apple, Spotify, Google (not yet, but soon!), Stitcher — wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks so much for listening. And until next time, drink well.