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Lambrusco for Lovers

Ah, Lambrusco! No longer the sappy-sweet swill of college parties, this infinitely food- and wallet-friendly wine from Italy’s Emiliga-Romana region has seen an explosion of new, stylish bottlings in the past couple years. The most recent addition to our shelf at France 44 is “Pomposa”–a traditional, red Lambrusco from the good folks at the Canti di Carpi e Sorbana co-operative. Regular customers will know this winemaking operation, which has a history stretching back over 100 years, from their ever-popular (and sleekly labelled) “Piazza Grande” sparkling rosé. Darker, richer, and altogether more food-oriented, “Pomposa” is an elegant riff on the best parts of Lambrusco, featuring a core of dark berries wrapped in bright, effervescent bubbles and finishing with lip-smacking acidity and just-enough sweetness. The perfect pairing for the Cheese Shop’s Valentine’s board, this heart-colored wine is the perfect finishing touch for a night with your sweetie this week.

Canti di Carpi Pomposa – $13.99