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Perfect Local Pairings

Perfect Local Pairings


Here at France 44 we like to think outside the box for ideas on what to do with local craft spirits. Looking for a new cocktail to entice your taste buds? We’re always here to help. Here are a few super easy off the beaten path cocktail ideas to impress your friends as well as your palate!


Sharab Shrubs + Sociable Ciderwerks

Cider is a fantastic base for a cocktail, especially when you use something as dry as Sociable CiderWerks Freewheeler. Shrubs are growing exponentially on the coasts of America and while just starting the trend here in Minnesota, we have a few dedicated shrub makers here in town. Shrubs are drinking vinegars meant to be diluted with spirits, soda water, or any other liquid- cider, for instance! While Twisted Shrub makes an Apple Ginger and Sharab Shrub makes an Apple Rosemary, those are too on the nose. Why not try Sharab Shrub’s Strawberry to make strawberry cider or their Asian Pear Ginger Cinnamon to make a mulled cider? Perfect for the fall season!


16oz Sociable Ciderwerks Freewheeler

0.5-1oz Sharab Shrub Strawberry or Asian Pear Ginger Cinnamon

Directions: Pour half the cider into the glass, add the shrub, pour the second half the cider, and enjoy!


Tattersall Distilling + Able Brewing

Local IPAs are among the top selling items in our store and it seems like the more citrus driven the better, so bring on the grapefruit. Northeast Minneapolis’ Able Brewing’s First Light IPA tastes like grapefruit incarnate, so we decided to spruce it up with a splash of Tattersall Grapefruit Crema! This perfect pairing is bright, fruity, and refreshing. Feeling like desert in a glass? Take Able’s Supergiant Golden Ale and add a splash of Tattersall’s classic Orange Crema to make an Orange Creamsicle Ale.

Recipe (Same as above)

12oz Able beer

3/4oz Tattersall Crema

Directions: Pour half the beer into the glass, add the crema, pour the second half the beer, and enjoy!


Dampfwerk Distilling + Panther Distilling

Dampfwerk Distilling is a brand new German inspired distillery with some American flair making all sorts of brandies, gins, and liqueurs, chief among them is their Helgolander Bitter Liqueur. Inspired by bitter herbal remedies originally made centuries ago, Helgolander is the perfect blend of sweet and bitter. Doesn’t this sound like its begging to be used as a liquored-up simple syrup in an Old Fashioned? Pairing it with one of Panther Distilling’s drier bourbons gives added sweetness and complexity to this classic drink while adding a local spin!

The Minnesota Old Fashioned

2oz Panther MN 14 Bourbon

0.5oz Dampfwerk Helgolander Liqueur

Garnish with an Orange Rind



There are endless combinations of local products, here are a few ideas to get you started. Please come in and tell us your creations as well!