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We made a new liquor staff make peanut butter cocktails. Here’s what happened.

Fireball has dominated the raucous party scene and image for decades now. Well, a new contender has come on the market with a new flavor: Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey. And honestly, it’s not that bad.

We have asked ourselves why this exists (and why so many more are going to be coming to market in the coming year), but we are not moral busybodies concerned about what’s being created and why; we want to embrace the new flavor whiskey trend and see what we can do with it. Skrewball makes a fun replacement for your classic old fashioned or Manhattan, but we wanted to try something a little different.

So, we tasked a new liquor staffer with creating cocktails out of this peanut-butter-newkomer and different cordials at the tasting bar. We tried everything: chocolate, berry, cold brew, bourbon cream–we left no concoction outside of our reach. While many failed miserably, we were able to create a few cocktails that pair great with your Friday night party or Saturday morning brunch. What follows is what the bright-eyed young mixologist discovered.


The Lunch Shot


2 parts Skrewball: 1 part Jahiot Crème de Cassis. Chase with Wonder white bread.

Naturally, the first idea we had with peanut butter was a classic elementary school memory: the PB&J sandwich. Jahiot Crème de Cassis has a nice deep black currant flavor and a thicker consistency. 2 parts whiskey to one part cassis, mix well, and you have a sweet and nutty delight. Chase with a piece of Wonder white bread if you feel so inclined.


Brekkie in a Glass


1 part Skrewball: 1 part Du Nord Cafe Frieda Coffee Liqueur

Originally thinking chocolate or cocoa nib would pair well for a Reese’s drink, we found the bitter coffee flavor from Du Nord Café Frieda Coffee Liqueur actually creates a nice contrast from the sweeter peanut butter flavor. Presuming you have no commitments on your Saturday morning, this would be the perfect way to start a carefree Saturday after a week of kale salads and bulletproof coffee you have been choking down for your New Year’s resolution.


The Elvis Presley


2 parts Skrewball: 1 part Crème de Banane: 2 dashes Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters

Without question, the best cocktail we found. Going for a banana peanut butter pancake, we found this sweet and delectable cocktail was something we could not stop falling in love with. With virtually no alcohol flavor, this is a fun way to start a Friday night before dancing in your blue suede shoes. Garnish with a piece of bacon and the fat taste with the sweet treat will have you saying thank you, thank you very much.