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Wow, Nice Cans!

Our Minnesota climate remains confusing, but spring has arrived! As you brush off those winter blues and wrestle your shorts and sandals from the closet, it’s time to plan for the sunny adventures that lie ahead. Enjoying a beer outside or in some distant picturesque location requires a vessel that is both compact and convenient. Canned beer is the answer!

Craft brewers are in love with aluminum. Long gone are the days of tin cans, housing questionable brew, twanging with metallic sadness. Today’s canned beer offers a vast array of benefits: less packaging and weight for easy transportation, better protection from UV light and oxidation, no metallic off-flavors, and most importantly, they’re super recyclable! You can find all of our favorite styles in these shiny cylinders that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Take a look at some of our favorites as we push ahead into spring.

Fair State Roselle Hibiscus Sour – $10.99/4pk

Once known as the second installment of Fair State’s Läctobäc series, Roselle has become the one of this young brewery’s staples, amongst an ever-evolving line-up of progressive and experimental brews. Tickling tart sensations are derived from Fair State’s house lactobacillus strain. Hibiscus lends bright flowery, citrus notes to a juicy, dry palate. It’s a dynamic session-able spring crusher for the sour aficionado. Take note of their vast array of sours in bomber format as well!


Castlecastle danger Danger Castle Cream Ale$9.49/6pk

Drinking a chilly Castle Cream Ale makes you feel as “cool as the other side of the pillow,” (rest in peace, Stuart Scott). Designed by the Castle Danger team to be the ultimate year-round session offering, the beer welcomes you with a big, soft malty hug. Pleasantly bready, floral nose feels and creamy smooth mouth feels make this beer a winner. This might upset our neighbors to the east, but Spotted Cow isn’t the best Midwestern Cream Ale anymore!

Indeed B-Side Pils$8.99/6pk

Indeed is bringing some excitement back into a pilsner category that has been somewhat stagnant for today’s craft brewers. B-Side bundles up all the ideal qualities of a pilsner and delivers them to you fresh and local.  It is complex yet friendly and approachable. A hefty nose buoyed by noble hop varieties features spicy, grassy, herbal awesomeness. This beer is so fresh, so clean on the palate – grainy malt and a dab of honey-like flavor finish dry and lightly bitter. B-Side deserves a spot in your beer fridge!

Reissdorf Kölsch – $12.99/4pk

This Kölsch is a “well preserved secret” of the beer world, according to importer B. United. Hailing from Cologne, Germany, it brings its quaffing qualities across the seas to our thirsty palates in the Midwest. The late beer authority Michael Jackson praised Reissdorf as a personal favorite. Its minty hop aroma leads a flavor profile of vanilla, cedar, grain and a soft fruitiness. It finishes with a delicate dryness. We’re going cuckoo for kölsch!


Summit Spring Saison – $9.99/6pk

The France 44 beer crew kind of has a thing for saisons, so we hold them to high expectations. Summit has delivered; this farmhouse ale tastes right during the changing of the seasons. Spicy, peppery aromatic vibes strum to the beat of a fruity and refreshingly dry palate. Amped-up carbonation refreshes your senses!


Delirium Tremens – $19.99/4pk

The iconic pink elephant beer is defying Belgian tradition by offering up some beautiful baby blue cans, making it more accessible than ever. At 8.5% ABV, just one can could be enough for an evening, depending on where you are trying to take it. It pours a dazzling blond hue with a puffy head on top. Bitterness and peppery phenols greet your senses at first sip but smooth out into a robust malt body finishing with alcoholic warmth. This beer is deceivingly easy to drink so be careful!

Alesmith Speedway Imperial Stout – $6.99/Can

Buckle up buttercup because this high octane imperial stout is burning rubber in some shiny new pint-size cans! Loads of chocolate-y roast-y goodness complements undertones of dark fruit, toffee, and caramel. This can is the perfect size for times when you’re not in the mood to share. Treat yo’self!