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Debuting Dashfire Canned Cocktails

Dashfire is a creative spirits business based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. You may know them best for their lineup of bitters, from their single flavor family (orange, cinnamon, lime, cardamom, etc.), to their specialty lineup (Old Fashioned, J Thomas, Creole, Spiced Apple), or their Vagabond series (Chai Walla or Mole). In the few years they have been open, they have never stopped evolving. Last year they came out with their first bottled cocktail, an Old Fashioned, right before the holiday season. This year they have burst on the scene with six–count them SIX–canned cocktails. Each type is true to the original cocktail it hails from, with a twist. They are true to alcohol by volume (ABV) as well, meant to be stirred, shaken, over rocks, or drunk straight out of the can. Drop one ice cube in these bad boys and you’re good to go. Perfect for the boat, golf course, by the pool, or at a party if you’re not up for making all those cocktails–Dashfire has you covered. Plus, all Dashfire cocktails are $5.99 so you can try different flavors without feeling too bad. Let’s get into the different flavors!

Dashfire Old Fashioned

A Bourbon Old Fashioned with hints of cherry and orange. Very straight forward and classic. While Dashfire’s bottled Old Fashioned is heavier on cinnamon and anise, they went much more traditional with their canned expression, heavy on their traditional orange bitters. Serve in a lowball over ice, straight out of the can, or by the fireside. You can’t really go wrong with this one.

Dashfire Manhattan

Dashfire’s Manhattan is where things get interesting. Their Manhattan is infused with fig and cascara (coffee/cherry) and substitutes sweet vermouth with sherry. This cocktail rolls across the tongue with a ton of different flavors: whiskey, dried fruit, vanilla, bitter cocoa, and cream. While not totally traditional it definitely fits the bill. Meant to be served stirred into a coupe, but do whatever you want! It’s your can after all.

Dashfire Chai White Russian

The only low alcohol cocktail in the family, Dashfire combines vodka and cream with Dashfire’s signature Chai Walla Bitters. These bitters are filled with black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and black pepper, perfect for adding to milk or, you know, a White Russian. This can is sure to be a hit during the winter months!

Dashfire El Presidente

Dashfire is bringing the classic El Presidente to Minnesota! A Cuban favorite, they combine rum, orange liqueur, vermouth, and real grenadine, the pomegranate kind. Not the Roses stuff made for Shirley Temples. This cocktail is fresh and tropical yet powerful meant to be sipped like a Manhattan. Perfect for the patio.

Dashfire Martinez

A classic Martinez would be made with gin, sweet vermouth, and Maraschino liqueur, almost like a gin Manhattan with some sweetener. Dashfire’s Martinez substitutes sherry in place of vermouth and Elderflower liqueur in place of Maraschino, and then gives it a grapefruit twist. This Martinez in bright and elegant with a fruity side to round out its juniper and coriander notes. The Martinez is a great change-of-pace cocktail to keep people guessing!

Dashfire Martini

Dashfire’s Martini is in no way a classic. Meant to be a “twist on a martini with a twist,” Dashfire once again goes with the sherry approach over the traditional dry vermouth route, giving it more body and spice. They then cover the martini with a layer of their lavender bitters giving it an aroma unlike any martini I have ever had. If you’re into florality, this is the martini for you!

You can pick any of these beautiful canned cocktails right at the registers at France 44. They’re perfect for the boat, picnics, impressing as parties, or hostess gifts. Remember to drink well and support local!