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Go High West, Young Man

As the old proverb says, “Go High West, young man.” This cutting-edge spirits producer has been a France44 favorite for as many years as they’ve been around. They’ve continually impressed with their forward-thinking, innovative products while still retaining the classic American spirit in their bourbon and rye whiskeys.

High West France 44 Double Rye Manhattan Finish

We’ve worked with High West to select our very own single barrel of Double Rye! Whiskey, complete with the France44 exclusive sticker and brand new bottle. One of just three single barrels to come to the state each year, this is definitely a rare and fleeting bottling. The whiskey itself is a blend of two-year 95% rye whiskey and 16-year 53% rye. But what makes this unicorn bottling so special is that it’s finished in Manhattan barrel.

That’s right—High West takes an old rye barrel, fills it up with rHigh West Barreled Manhattan - The 36th Voteye whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters to make a gigantic 55-gallon Manhattan. After letting it mellow and age together for 120 days, the concoction is bottled and sent to us to sell to you so you don’t have to go through the struggle of making your own Manhattans! Check out the High West 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan to see the finished product.

After bottling up this giant Manhattan they take that cocktail-soaked barrel and finish the France44 Single Barrel in it for 15 long months before bottling it up at a busty 101.4 proof. This super spicy rye is boasting voluptuous notes of mint, clove, and cinnamon up front with the Manhattan barrel imprinting candied orange rind, cocktail glazed cherry, and vanilla notes. This beauty is perfect neat or in a cocktail.

Come get this rare bottling while you can—after all, fall is bourbon season!