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Ida Graves Distillery

Brand new to the scene, Ida Graves Distillery hails from Alexandria, Minnesota, and prides themselves on regionally sourced organic ingredients, hand-made in small batches. This lets them be in charge of the whole process from grain to glass. Oh, let’s not just stop at grain, because honey also plays a large roll in their process as their vodka is made from actual honey, and the botanicals in their gin were hand-selected by Tyler Kleinow, local bartending savant. We’ll breakdown their products below:

Ida Graves Organic Gin | $27.99

When Ida Graves started to concoct their gin, they reached out to Tyler Kleinow to team up on the botanical bill. Tyler is best known for bartending at the iconic Marvel Bar where he bartends as well as infuses his own spirits, and “pours liquids into other liquids” as he puts it. Tyler has a brand new consulting business, Casqara Consulting. Their tag line is “inspired by botanicals,” so this was a match made in heaven. Tyler and the good people at Ida wanted to keep this simple with subtle complexities in the ingredient choices. Of course there is juniper and coriander in the bill but the other three botanicals absolutely pop off the palate: rosemary, fennel, and lemon peel. Perfectly balanced and the rosemary absolutely pops in a gin and tonic with Fever Tree!

Ida Graves Raw Honey Vodka | $29.99

Ida Graves’ first venture was a very special vodka. They made this vodka with 100% raw honey from Minnesota beekeepers and it has a texture unlike any on the market. It goes without saying that honey as an ingredient is on the subtle side of sweet, giving just enough. This vodka is creamy and textured with light creamy vanilla and hints of lemon and spice. Great on the rocks but shines in a Bee’s Knees!

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