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Irish Whiskies Off the Beaten Path

We all know the heavy hitters in the land of Irish Whiskey. Looking for something for shots and mixing? Jameson or 2 Gingers it is. Sipping? Redbreast and Green Spot it is! We’re here to give you some new ideas for your St Patrick’s Day drinking festivities!

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey — $23.99

Looking for a Jameson replacement? Look no further. Aged for 3 years and a day in bourbon barrels, This Irishman has a delicate caramel apple feel with just a touch of honey. Not too sweet, a pitfall of many Irish whiskies, The Dubliner is nice and balanced between fruity, oaky, and honeyed. Great for cocktails like a whiskey ginger (with Fever Tree or Cock’N’Bull Ginger Beers) or with Tattersall’s Apple Pommeau. The Dubliner also makes a delicious honeycomb infused Whiskey as well for making sweeter cocktails as well!

The Sexton Single Malt — $29.99

Brand-new to France 44, The Sexton is a four year old Irish single malt aged in first, second, and third use Oloroso sherry butts. It is named after Irish grave diggers and the bottle is shaped ominously like a short, squat, hexagonal crypt. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Thirty dollar single malt filled with a floral spice, nutty sweetness and a subtle red fruit tone? Sign me up! Great for both sipping and mixing, this is a welcome addition to our shelves just in time for St Patricks Day.

Tullamore Dew XO Rum Cask Finish — $27.99

This brand new Irish whiskey is a fan favorite aged in a very unique barrel: rum casks. Here at France 44 we call it “Baby Caribbean Cask,” named after Balvenie Caribbean Cask, but at only half the price. Tullamore Dew XO is filled with flavors or vanilla, honey, maple, and demerara rum, and definitely worth its weight in leprechaun gold.

Teeling Single Malt — $59.99

If you’re a single malt drinker or looking for something new and different from the classic Irish sippers, give Teeling Single Malt a try. Made from whiskies aged in 5 different wine casks: Sherry, Port, Madeira, white Burgundy, and Cabernet, Teeling Single Malt gives off (to no surprise) huge dark fruit, bright citrus, light vanilla, and a mix of clove and other baking spices. Somewhere in between the taste profile of Irish and Scotch, kicking back with a glass of this will start off (or end) your St. Patrick’s Day right.