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Limited, Exclusive, and Drool-Worthy: The France44 Single Barrels

Bourbon is a hot commodity. It’s hard to keep up with the changing market, but we’re excited to announce the arrival of two brand-new single barrels of bourbon, Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare, along with High West’s new edition of Yippee Ki-Yay Rye Whiskey!

France44 Exclusive Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Everything from the Buffalo Trace distillery is hard to get right now. Buffalo Trace’s namesake whiskey is no different, even if it only costs twenty-five bucks. Whenever we get the chance to get our own single barrel, we jump on it! This is one of the richest Buffalo Trace single barrels we have ever had–it’s super fruity on the nose with juicy red apple, toffee, and vanilla. The palate is much oakier and spicier than normal Buffalo Trace, showing nice leather and cinnamon. The finish is all orange rind and caramel, classic for Buffalo Trace and tailor-made for an Old Fashioned.

France44 Exclusive Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon

Two different single barrels from the famed Buffalo Trace distillery at once? You bet! Eagle Rare is Buffalo Trace’s 10 year offering, one of the best values on the shelf. It is one of only two 10 year bourbons we have bottled by the companies that distill them, along with Russell’s Reserve 10 Year from Wild Turkey. Every other 10 year bourbon was purchased by a merchant bottler at a young age and aged and bottled by a third party. The nose on this Eagle Rare exclusive bottling is filled with ripe red cherry, sweet cinnamon, and warming caramel. The palate shows vanilla, that same sweet cinnamon, and heady oak with a hint of cola spice on the finish. Great for sipping neat and a perfect fit in a Manhattan.

High West Yippee Ki-Yay Rye Whiskey

High West is a famed France44 favorite. Known as “the mad blenders”, High West has been known to go where no other company has gone before and try things never thought possible. For Yippee Ki-Yay, they took their classic staple Double Rye! Whiskey (a blend of 2 year high-rye rye whiskey and 16 year Kentucky low-rye rye whiskey) and finished it in a blend of Vya Sweet Vermouth and Qupe Syrah wine barrels. That’s right–a rye whiskey finished in sweet vermouth and Syrah! The end product is a beautiful and unique whiskey with a nose of rich candied orange almost akin to blood orange, and bright baking spices. On the palate there are hints of caramel sweetness but the rye starts to really shine with signature High West flavors of semi-sweet dill, fresh mint and caramel. There are lingering cherry tones with a sweet clove that lasts forever on the finish. It’s a quarter of the way to a cocktail in itself, beautiful neat or with one rock and an orange rind. Add just a splash of sweet vermouth (Carpano Antica) and you have yourself a unique and beautifully complex Manhattan.

Our shelves are stocked with great whiskey and it is constantly changing and renewing itself. We have all these and a few new gems on the shelves, and we’d love for you to come in and chat bourbon and rye with us anytime!