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Lost Distillery + France 44

Here at France 44, we’re always looking for the new and different. We feel we’ve struck gold with our two brand new quarter barrels of scotch from The Lost Distillery Company. The Lost Distillery Company teams up with the Archiving team at the University of Glasgow to recreate classic distilleries that have been lost for the past few centuries. They research things such as locality, water sources, barley and peat type, washback and still type, among many other factors to try and recreate lost distilleries from a blend of different malt whiskies from all parts of Scotland. We grabbed very different whiskies finished in unique casks that are only available here at France 44 and when all 84 bottles (yes, just 84 bottles) are gone, they’re gone for good!

Lost Distillery Towiemore Pedro Ximenez Finish $44.99

Towiemore was a lighter styled Speyside malt whisky that closed due to issues with its water supply in 1931. While known for rich cereal tones from the high quality barley, light orchard fruits and toasty vanilla, they were also known to have used sherry butts whenever possible. The quarter barrel we chose is finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry butts. Starting from a light, fruity/creamy base, this Pedro Ximenez finish can really shine. Big flavors up front of raisin, plum and fig jam, the palate shoes almond cream nuttiness, and an enduring clove spice on the finish really pops. Big, rich and warming.

Lost Distillery Gerston Rum Finish $64.99

Gerston was a distillery in the Caithness area of Scotland along the east side of the far northern part of Scotland that initially closed in 1882. This area would have been known as a finishing dominated area due to the rocky terrain, which would have been bad for farming. The water source would have been very clean with hints of salinity to match the high salt content peat used to malt the barley. We are talking about a coastal area making coastal influenced whisky. Maritime salt, toffee, and subtle hints of smoke and earth would have dominated this lost malt. We chose a rum barrel finish to accentuate the salted toffee vibe this whisky give off adding honey and vanilla to this lightly smoky and spicy whisky.

Get them while they’re hot, there’s not many to go around!