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State of the Agave Address

America is running out of Casamigos. Now what?

Friends, family, fellow tequila drinkers, we are writing this message today to inform you about the current state of the agave and tequila based drinks here in Minnesota (and ultimately America). The state of the agave is strong, but there has been one hindrance.

People have been spending exorbitantly more time at home watching George Clooney movies through March, April, and May, and the last two months have been perfect margarita weather. The natural response to this storm is to purchase Casamigos Blanco and enjoy (survive) the time with family. However, the high increase in demand is outpacing the supply that can come out of Jalisco, Mexico. This specific situation is dire: America is running out of Casamigos.

O Casamigos, where art thou? Well, before you try to pull your own Ocean’s Eleven, we have a better solution for you. We have brought in some new tequilas of similar quality and value for customers to enjoy, and we are personally very excited to tell you about the solution to your margarita dilemma.

MILAGRO SINGLE BARREL SILVER | $39.99 | Perhaps the closest in flavor profile to Casamigos blanco, this staff favorite has returned to the store $10 cheaper than last time! Lime and citrus exist on the nose with vanilla sweetness through the palate. Aged in French Oak for 30 days before filtration, this fruit-forward tequila can be enjoyed perfectly with a squeeze of lime.

GRAN DOVEJO BLANCO | $41.99 | A newcomer to the store in May, Gran Dovejo is cooked in traditional brick ovens and distilled to 80 proof instead of a high distillation and watering down to reach the 40% ABV. The flavor is a cornucopia of honey, citrus, light florals, and finishes peppery. A spectacular bottle, there is a higher proof version at 96 proof with a stronger flavor emphasis on agave nectar and pineapple (Gran Dovejo Blanco High Proof $52.99).

123 ORGANIC UNO BLANCO | $45.99 | This tequila will deviate more from Casamigos than the previous two, but we promise you will enjoy this detour. 100% organic, Uno blanco is lighter on vanilla, but bursting with agave sweetness. Lime leaf, citrus, and fennel spice compose the flavor profile in this one, and offers an enormous mouthfeel and texture.

All of these tequilas are now lining the liquor bar (you know, the place where we used to just let you try all these tequilas) for easy selection. And, while we still have Casamigos and even after the shortage ends, maybe this is a perfect time to branch out, and find a new favorite tequila. We promise not to tell George.