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The 86 Co. | Noise and Spirits

We at France 44 have been awaiting the arrival of The 86 Co. and their strong stable of staple spirits for quite some time. The 86 Co. is known for working closely with quality distilleries and high end bartenders to make quality products at affordable prices. Their main focus is having intentional conversations with bartenders to make high quality gin, rum, tequila, and vodka in bartender-friendly shaped (and sized) bottles that are perfect for mixing cocktails. And now we get to sell it to you, the at-home cocktail aficionado! All four are laid out below, along with specs about each bottle.

86 spirits


The Bottle Itself: 

The 86 Co.’s Simon Ford worked closely with bartenders to make bottles perfect for the behind-the-bar atmosphere. This includes a screw cap with no frills to deal with at the top of the bottle; a long neck and a shoulder grip for optimal pouring; a scale graded by ounce and liter on the side for measuring out pours or pre-batching cocktails; and a heavy base for gripping high up on shelves. They sell predominantly liter bottles preferred by bartenders, and the labels even peel off easily for multiple uses! Perfect for infusing spirits, pre-batching cocktails, or simple syrup!

The 86 Co. Ford’s Gin

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Created in a traditional London Dry style to complement any cocktail. All of the botanicals are listed right on the bottle with corresponding tasting notes for each! Heavy on coriander right after juniper as the secondary botanical with bitter orange, grapefruit, and lemon peel. Sitting at a mixable 90 proof and only nine botanicals overall, keeping it succinct yet complex. When mixed the citrus pops and the floral tones of jasmine and cassia shine through. Light and bright, perfect in cocktails or on its own.

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The 86 Co. Cana Brava Rum

Cana Brava Rum is made from a minimum of 3 year old filtered rum from Panama made from sugarcane from the region surrounding the distillery. It is a classic light rum, tailor-made for making classic cocktails like Mojitos, Daiquiris and Cuba Libres. Aged in American whiskey barrels as well as un-charred American oak barrels, this rum is built to taste like classic sugarcane with the nice additives that oak brings. This results in a rum tasting like fresh lime, honey, fresh-cut grass, coconut, and classic molasses. Also, proofed up to 86 proof for your mixing pleasure.

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The 86 Co. Aylesbury Duck Vodka

A soft white winter wheat vodka hailing from Canada, this is a no-nonsense vodka with just enough flavor to bring your cocktail to the next level. Made to be classically “clear, odorless and tasteless,” this vodka has light white pepper spice, a slight cocoa sweetness, and a hint of salinity on the finish. Full-bodied yet light at the same time–a balance beam that only good vodka can tiptoe.

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The 86 Co. Tequila Cabeza

Made by 5th generation agave producers in the Los Altos region of Jalisco, the pinas are harvested at seven to nine years old at an optimal sugar content for making chewy, fruity, full-bodied tequila. Notes of honey, savory green pepper, spicy black pepper, and a myriad of bright citrus tones pop on this wonderful blanco. Also proofed to 86 proof to shine bright in any cocktail.

No matter what kind of cocktails you enjoy making at home, France 44 now has the beautiful base spirits of The 86 Co. at your disposal. Come in and try them on our tasting bar! Made for the bartender in all of us.