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This Blog is About Rum

written by Bert & Dylan

Last March our lives got a lil’ funky, but this March it’s our drinks that are going to be the funky ones, and what better than a Jamaican rum to funkifiy our glasses.  These Jamaican rums are exploding with a distinct and fruity smell called “hogo”.  Hogo comes from adding dunder, the leftovers from a pot stills previous batch (whiskey drinkers would know this as sour mash), to the new mash and letting it ferment for up to three weeks! STRONG notes of overripe pineapple and banana make these rums the perfect drink for someone searching for a unique style of spirit to drink neat, or for a cocktail enthusiast to experiment with a new and distinctive flavor profile. Hogo filled Jamaican rums are the perfect spirit to for adventurous drinkers who want to add a unique flavorful spirit to their home bar.

Hampden Estates is probably the most notable of Jamaica’s few remaining distilleries. For centuries they only produced rum for other brands blends and bottlings. One of these includes Smith & Cross, a popular mixer for tiki cocktails. After much anticipation, they finally started bottling rum under their own name. Some of these releases include Rum Fire, an unaged hogo bomb, as well as an 8 year old rum perfect for sipping. These are just a few of the many Jamaican rums out there to explore.

Smith & Cross

Smith and Cross is the perfect embodiment of a navy strength Jamaican rum. Bottled at 57% ABV it can be quite intimidating, however it is the smell of sweet pineapple, not alcohol, that will smack you in the face when you open the bottle.  This makes Smith & Cross a perfect mixer for Tiki drinks such as a Mai Tai or Jungle Bird.

Rum Fire

This unaged, high ester, overproof rum had been used in blends for years until recently. With strong notes of papaya, pineapple and coconut, it is the perfect addition to any cocktail.

Hampden 8 year

This delicious sipper offers aromas of banana, mango, cinnamon, vanilla and caramelized apples on the nose, that are echoed throughout the palate.