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A Holly, Jolly Curbside

We have had great success with our curbside program, which we implemented in March (doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago?). With the holidays coming up, and Covid cases on the rise, we implore you, our dear customers, to consider moving to our curbside model in order to limit bodies in the store and any potential exposure to our other valued customers, as well as our essential employees who make this ship run.

The curbside process is smooth and efficient. Every time you call us, you are connected to a local industry expert on our phone team (restaurant professionals, wine reps, France 44 staff, etc). 45 minutes later, your order is ready! You get to stay warm and cozy in your car while we bring your order outside to you.

There are many other ways to shop with us, as well. For more detailed orders or personal shopping appointments (done over a video service, or telephone call) we have implemented a service-driven Concierge Appointment. Orders can also be placed online here and are ready within the same 45 minute window after you hit Send! We offer next-day local delivery Monday-Friday for $15 or more depending on the delivery location and details (note that someone 21+ with ID must be home to receive the order). These are such wonderful options we instituted for our customers and we have had great feedback on how much these gestures are appreciated.

The 7 easy curbside steps are:

Step One:  Call us at 612-925-3252 (or place an order online).

Step Two:  Tell the phone personnel you’d like to start a curbside order.

Step Three:  List off the items in your order (note the Cheese Shop is online orders only).

Step Four:  Allow a minimum of 45 minutes for order processing (you may pick up at your convenience until closing time, or even next day if you run late).

Step Five:  Drive to France44 and park in a designated Curbside Pickup spot outside the front door.

Step Six:  Call the Curbside staff at 612-978-1061 with your last name and parking spot number.

Step Seven:  Pop your trunk or open your back door for product delivery!

We sincerely value the support that our customer base has shown us these last 8 months. It is because of our vibrant community that we have weathered this storm together. Please consider using our remote shopping options to continue enjoying our fine provisions, and to support our hardworking staff by reducing foot traffic in the store. For anyone choosing to shop in store, please remember that mask wearing is mandated by Governor Walz, and please limit your shopping party to 1 person from your household.

May you all stay happy and healthy during this time!