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Ground Beef Nirvana

Ground beef is a food that can easily be taken for granted. It’s not quite in the boneless, skinless chicken breast of the meat world but it certainly is treated as a blank slate for seasoning, cheese, condiments, and any other number of adulterations.

We wanted a ground beef that would impress. Something that would stand out on its own as beefy, rich, and delicious. First we needed to decide which parts of the cow to use in our grind. A lot of ground beef is trim that is churned up without much thought to the where or why. Our experimenting involved pulling meat from various sections of the animal and seeing which ones cooked up most delicious.

There is a noticeable flavor difference in beef from the different sections of the animal. In the end we decided that a majority ground chuck was perfect for our everyday grind and that a combination of brisket, sirloin, loin, and short ribs was a super impactful blend for our premium grind.

Next we knew that we would want to offer a coarser grind than most commercially ground beef. This can help keep the fat in and also just has a nicer texture when biting into it a burger. We just like the openness of the coarse grind and how it avoids an overly chewy bite.

Finally we had to make some decisions on fat content. Fat carries flavor and juiciness so it was clear that a 95/5 or even 85/15 wasn’t going to make the statement we wanted.  Of course we know there are some that still think fat is a bad thing so we couldn’t go completely rogue. That means our Everyday is 80/20  and our Premium is 70/30. Decadence requires decadence.

Certainly we feel our Everyday grind is worthy of your hamburgers–it’s plenty delicious. It’s also the beef for your meatloaf, chili, meatballs, etc. However, we’ve converted scores of our customers to exclusively using our Premium grind for their burgers. It’s a little more of an indulgence but we think it is 100% worth it.

Bought some ground beef from us? We’d love to hear what you think,