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Peterson Limousin Beef

Last week a group of us had the privilege of visiting the Peterson Family farm in Osceola, Wisconsin. Farm visits are one of the best parts of my job. I’d wager that they’re far more interesting and enlightening than going to check out the local widget factory. At the very least it is far more beautiful.

The Peterson Farm sits on acres of lush, rolling pastures perfect for grazing cattle. Our host Andy spent the majority of our visit talking about soil and extolling the virtues of healthy pastures for grazing. It was almost as if we had ended up at the wrong farm as we didn’t even see a cow for the first half hour we were there.

But then….

These are truly spectacular, well cared for animals. We’re humbled to honor all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into raising these cows. As a whole animal butcher we utilize every usable part and leave as little to waste as possible. Seeing these cows up close and listening to Andy’s passion and commitment inspired all of us to work harder to support his family.