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It feels superfluous to write anything about bacon. Is bacon over? Are we past our obsession with cured pork belly? For a while it seemed that every cooking meme involved the addition or manipulation of this wondrous food. And now it seems that things have settled down a little bit or maybe I’m just numb to it.

Ahem, without further qualifications I put forth that our bacon is the best you’ve ever had.

Um, excuse me?

Let me explain. First we start with great bellies from great pigs. You know, pork from a tasty animal that was treated well. That’s a great first step. Second we can take time and care that the big guys just can’t. Brined for weeks, hung dry, smoked for hours, and then ready to go. Our bacon screams towards the edge of too sweet and then pulls back and hits you hard with savory, meaty, crispy goodness. We suggest a thicker slice too (trust us) to make sure you have a bite to sink your teeth into.

If you’ve never cooked bacon in the oven it’s a must do with ours. Be patient, 350 degrees at most, and cook on a wire rack over a baking sheet if you have one. 

Ready, set, go!