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Thanksgiving possible

A roast that perfumes the whole house as you baste it with rosemary and thyme – a bird that is potentially intimidating, unfamiliar, the punchline to so many Thanksgiving jokes – turkey can be well, fairly divisive.  This is where your friendly meatmongers (that’s us!) come in.  

Concerned about the welfare of the turkey?  Let us tell you about the practices of our local turkey farmers (spoiler alert: they’re ethical and sustainable).  

Anxious about ordering the right size?  We can do the math together, but it’s pretty easy if you plan for 1 lb of turkey per person.  All about those leftovers?  Add an extra ½ lb per person.

What’s the deal with brining?  Brining is a great safety net – there’s a bunch of science behind it (J. Kenji Lopez-Alt does a great job explaining) and it’s super easy.  Plus, we’ve even got a brining kit that you can order!

What’s the best way to cook a turkey?  It’s what Martha Stewart, NY Times Food’s Mark Bittman, and your friendly neighborhood butcher have in common –  we really, really love our Thanksgiving turkeys spatchcocked!  Taking out the backbone, the breastbone, and laying the bird flat will cut the roasting time down to 90 minutes for a 12 pound turkey!  To quote Serious Eats’ J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (again), cooking a spatchcocked turkey is the “fastest, quickest, easiest route to juicy meat and ultra-crisp skin,” — and we’ll do the work for you!

What if I want to cook the white meat and the dark meat separately?  We’ll quarter your turkey for you to cook à la Julia Child, or, we can cut it into 8 pieces, if you want to fry it like chicken.

Can I order extra gravy?  Of course you can.