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Meat Shop Charcuterie

Pork Rillettes: An enduring food preparation in more ways than one, rillettes began as a preservation method but acquired legendary stature as a delicious dish in its own right. Pork is confited in its own fat for many hours, so that the liquid moisture evaporates and is replaced with the fat. It is then shredded, pulled-pork style, and spiced.  If there’s anything better with a little spicy mustard and a pickle, we haven’t heard about it.

Pork Liver Mousse: Liver on its own can be an acquired taste, but when used as a supporting player it’s instantly appealing. The minerality and picquancy meld with warm winter spices, cream, and egg to make a rich spread that you could eat like ice cream but might enjoy even more served with some gruyere and garlicky crostini.

Duck Prosciutto: One of the major eye-openers on our shelves, duck prosciutto is cured, thin-sliced duck breast. Yes, it’s good on pizza. But it’s even better wrapped around an apricot slice or a fig and enjoyed with a glass of Beaujolais.