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The Best of the Rest (Chicken!)

Probably a zillion dollars have been made off of chicken soup proper—and that’s before we even start talking about the concept of chicken soup or the concept of the concept of chicken soup. Look: you’re tired of hearing us talking about chicken. But we would be remiss in our mongerly duties if we ended cheap chicken month without a discussion of chicken stock, chicken broth, and bone broth. The meat counter has options. Let’s talk about ‘em.

–Our Stock: We make our own chicken stock, just the way you would make it at home (if you had tons and tons of chicken parts and time to spare). It has a legion of regular customers. It is simmered for double-digit hours and has no salt added. Just roasted bones, mirepoix, and love. It qualifies for “bone broth” status and is ready to be the base in the soup of your dreams, or seasoned simply and drunk out of a mug.

–Make Your Own: With a little notice (3-5 days is enough) we are happy to set aside chicken bones for you and send you out the door with detailed, easy instructions to make incredible stock. Alternatively, you can roast a whole chicken, or buy a chicken cut-up, and keep the bones for a later stock-making project.

Bottom line: this is a stock rally that all of us can take credit for.