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A Refresher Course on Spring Cocktails

The weather is warming up, so it’s time to cool down our cocktails for springtime patio drinking fun with our friends and neighbors. France 44 is here to give you a quick refresher course on some of our warm weather staples!

barrel gin & tonic

Floral Gin & Tonics

The Classic:

The New School:

The Easy Squeeze:

Who doesn’t love a signature G&T? Spruce up your gin and tonics by adding a floral component to the mix. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur is a beautiful sweet and floral way to improve on any sparkling cocktail especially when paired with a classic bitter tonic water like Fever Tree Indian. Minneapolis’s homegrown Tattersall Distilling makes a Crème de Fleur that toes the line between St. Germain and Maraschino liqueur and is best paired with a drier gin and crisper tonic like the Q. Want to make a unique and easy cocktail? Use the Elderflower Tonic from Fever Tree, just cut its sweetness with some classic bitters and you’re good to go!


The Summer Spritz

The Staple:

Garnish with an orange rind; serve in a flute

The Classic Italian Style:

Garnish with an orange rind; serve in a flute

A low-alcohol spritz is a staple on patios everywhere once it’s warm outside. They’re easy, crowd pleasing and refreshing! If you want to use the ever-popular Aperol make sure you use a drier styled prosecco to cut the sweetness, otherwise the classic Cappelletti Aperitivo is an older wine based recipe with a pinch more bitterness to cut through a sweeter prosecco like the Montefresco.



The Easy Squeeze:

Squeeze of Fresh Lime

The Classic:

Garnish with a lime wheel

Who doesn’t love a good margarita? If you’re squeezing your own lime nothing complements the fresh citrus like a crisp clean blanco tequila like Milagro. If you plan on using a mix, look no further than Tres Agaves Margarita mix, the first sustainable, all-natural margarita mix using real agave nectar. Just one small squeeze of fresh lime atop this mix and you’re good to go!