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Beer Cocktails, Part II: The Green Zebrarita

Memorial Day is nearly upon us – a day which evokes many feelings, from remembrance to joy. This weekend we will remember and celebrate those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Many of us will celebrate this freedom by spending days on the lake, relaxing in hammocks, making s’mores by the fire, and catching up with those close to us over a game of cards. These types of relaxing weekend days, when summer is hinting at its arrival, call for refreshing, quenching libations.

Most everyone has indulged in the experience of a well-made, classic margarita. The cocktail has a certain omnipresence over the summer months. While the original has its merits, why not experiment a little? As it turns out, certain beers can add a wonderful component to this common cocktail.

For this drink, I have chosen the newly available Founders Green Zebra Watermelon Gose. The traditional Gose, pronounced “goes-uh,” is a top-fermented wheat beer brewed with coriander and sea salt. It is known for a spritzy, bright acidity achieved from the influence of lactobacillus, or lactic acid bacteria. Founders took this style and put their stamp on it by adding watermelon into the mix, creating a subtly juicy, softly sweet note that plays beautifully with the saline acidity on the finish. Goses like this make excellent additions to beer margaritas because of three components: fruitiness, salinity, and acidity. Green Zebra was a natural match for this. So this coming weekend, or anytime the mood strikes, treat yourself to a Green Zebrarita in the name of freedom and all things good in life!

green zebra

The Green Zebrarita (Serves 4)


  • Four 16oz glasses of your choice
  • 4oz simple syrup
  • 10oz silver tequila (we recommend Altos, Herradura, or similar)
  • Two 12oz cans of Founders Green Zebra Watermelon Gose
  • Two limes (for juice and zest), third lime for garnish (optional
  • Four cups of ice cubes
  • A few tbsp. of sea salt or margarita salt


  1. Prepare your simple syrup in advance, or skip the process and buy a small bottle.
  2. Spread a few tbsp. of salt onto a small plate. Zest one lime onto the salt.
  3. Halve both limes and juice, save the halves.
  4. In a blender: combine the ice, lime juice, simple syrup, and tequila. Pulse until the mixture is frothy and smooth, with a liquid consistency.
  5. Softly stir in two 12oz cans of Founders Green Zebra, some foam from the beer’s carbonation will crown the mixture.
  6. Moisten the rims of your glasses with lime pieces and dip the rims gently into the salt/zest mixture.
  7. Pour your Zebrarita amongst the glasses and (optional) garnish with a lime wedge.
  8. Enjoy!