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Getting into the Fall Spirit(s)

By Tom Schneider, France 44 Spirit Guide
Fall has officially hit Minnesota, and we at France 44 are here to help you warm up for the chilly months ahead! Here are a few of our favorite new spirits to gear you up for what lies ahead.

Giffard Vanille Du Madagascar
Giffard Vanille De Madagascar Liqueur  |  40 Proof  |  France

Giffard is a French liqueur producer creating high end flavors from the places that they are known for. Here we have their Vanilla Liqueur made from vanilla pods straight from Madagascar. This is a sweet, thick, rich spirit that we like to use as a simple syrup in many cold weather cocktails. A rye old fashioned is that much more vibrant with just a splash of this as a sweetener. Other great uses are in a white Russian, in hot chocolate or coffee. If you are one to hold on to summer as long as possible, come in and try their Giffard Caribbean Pineapple in any rum or tequila drink! It tastes like mesmerizing candied pineapple. Perfect or a pineapple daiquiri to pretend it’s not about to get super cold outside.


Tattersall Freewheeler Pommeau
Tattersall Freewheeler Pommeau  |  34 Proof  |  Minneapolis, MN
Tattersall teamed up with Sociable Cider Werks to create this collaboration Pommeau. You may frind yourself asking, what is a Pommeau? Pommeau is a light spirit that is distilled from cider and watered down to proof with unfermented cider. In this case Tattersall distilled Sociable Cider Werks Free Wheeler Dry Apple and paired it with its non-alcoholic base cider. The result is a light, bright, slightly tart and fruity spirit perfectly suited to add a hint of apple to anything you want this fall season. Spike a mull cider, add it to sparkling wine or club soda, or a staff favorite: a bourbon apple pie cocktail!
Bourbon Apple Pie:
Add Dashfire Cinnamon Bitters or ground cinnamon
Garnish with a cinnamon stick
Enjoy over ice or warm in a mug!

Brovo Douglas Fir Liqueur  |  50 Proof  |  Washington
Are you a year round gin drinker? Me too! Let me introduce you to Brovo’s Douglas Fir Liqueur. Brovo hails from Washington, home to many a fir tree. They have created a beautiful spirit that is equal parts floral, herbaceous, and sweet that evokes Douglas Fir to a T. It is a beautiful forest in a bottle. Top your gin and tonics with it, warm up your Negronis with it, or make fir martinis with it instead of vermouth. It tastes like candied Christmas in a bottle. Too soon for Christmas talk? Probably. Sorry not sorry.
Peace out!