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Super Bowl Festivities: Not Just For Beer

The Super Bowl is upon us! Are you going to (or throwing) a party for fellow Minnesotans (avoiding all those East Coasters) and you’re just plain sick and tired of beer? Here are some alternative ideas on what to drink for the Super Bowl Festivities!


Crooked Water Manley’s Old Fashioned

Are you looking to serve cocktails at a party but don’t feel like making a million of them? Look no further than Manley’s Old Fashioned! Made by Crooked Water Spirits, a local women-owned distillery, Manley’s Old Fashioned is a ready to drink cocktail made to spec for their owner, Heather Manley. Made with bourbon, demerara syrup, and Italian bitters, you can just serve this over ice with an orange rind! So popular it sold out over the holidays. Come try it on our tasting bar!


Henry McKenna Bourbon 10 Year Bottled in Bond (and some cider to match!)

Are you as down trodden as we are about the Vikings coming up a game short? We prescribe bourbon to alleviate the pain. Why not reach for an old stand-by in Henry McKenna 10 Year? Always an underdog on the shelf, Henry McKenna is one of only a few bourbons readily available on the shelf with a ten year age statement made by an esteemed Kentucky Distillery–Heaven Hill, in this case. As with all age statement bourbons, we expect that ten year label to be gone in a near future for something younger and in turn quicker to make. If bourbon neat is too boozy for you, why not try an all-American Johnnie Jump Up!  Mix up one part bourbon to five parts cider and give it a local spin with the brand new Thor’s Hard Cider. With three different kinds: classic, semi-sweet, and ginger, you’re bound to find a new favorite.


Shrub Drinks!

Want something new and refreshing to break out of the doldrums of winter? Why not mix up some locally made shrub cocktails! Shrubs are all-natural drinking vinegars meant to make a flavorful cocktail that isn’t too sweet. The easiest way to use them is to mix them up one part shrub to 4-5 parts soda water. A perfect pairing would be two parts Brooklyn Park’s Skaalvenn Vodka, five parts soda water, and one part Twisted Shrub from right here in Minneapolis. Twisted Shrub has a variety of different flavors from Apple Ginger to Cranberry Clementine and Pineapple Habanero so there‘s a plethora of cocktails to be discovered. This way you’re having fun while supporting local!