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The Mac & Cheese Events

If you’re a France 44 Club member reading this post, there’s a strong chance you are a fan of either cheese or whiskey (or both, most likely). Macallan has created a program to create cheese and scotch pairings and share them with customers, and when they invited us to join in, we jumped at the opportunity. They will be bringing four scotches and we will be providing four corresponding cheeses, picked out by our own Peter from the Cheese Shop and Tom from the liquor side. You can come taste the pairing from 4-7 both Thursday the 27th and Thursday October 4th from 5-7, for free!


Macallan has always been known for their heavily sherried scotch whiskies, but in recent years, they have had to ebb and flow with the lack of sherry barrels available in market and get creative with new offerings. This has led to their Macallan 12 Year Double Cask. Using two different types of oak, both American and European, that have held sherry, this is one interesting beast. The DNA of these oaks are inherently different, and give off different flavors. The European Oak, which we will get into a little later, gives off a ton of rich dark fruit and spice. The American Oak is what set it apart, leading to flavors of vanilla, ginger, and citrus. These flavors cut through the classic Macallan rich dark tones of their classic 12 to brighten it up and add some unique complexity. We will be pairing this with a floral, sweet, bright Manchego from Switzerland with some earthy spice that matches up with some of the bright spice of the 12 Double Cask.


Next up is the Macallan Classic 12 Year, aged solely in classic sherry barrels. Not only are sherry barrels popular now, but they are historically accurate to the type of cask royalty would prefer a few centuries ago. Known for its rich dark fruit of plum, raisin, and fig, and underlying creamy nuttiness, and holiday spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, it is easy to see why sherry barrels are so well loved and in demand. These are all very much delicatessen flavors, great for sipping in the cold during the fall and holidays. The classic Macallan 12 overflowing with these flavors and that is why we have paired it with a Spanish Gruyere’s fresh rich creaminess, ripe fruit, and toasted nuttiness.


Macallan 15 Year Fine Oak Triple Cask is an interesting change of pace from their 12 years. Aged in three types of barrels, European sherry oak barrels, American sherry seasoned barrels, and used bourbon casks, giving it a lighter brighter feel while still evoking some classic Macallan flavors. There is still some dark fruit, but also some lighter apple pear tones as well. It has some darker creamy flavors that balance out with some malty vanilla tones. Even the holiday spices remain but with a light peppery tone. This whiskey has a ton going on and that is why we paired it with a local blue cheese called Northern Lights, a medium blue with a ton of buttery creaminess, fresh berries, and a peppery finish to match the texture and spice of the Macallan 15.

Last but certainly not least, The Macallan Rare Cask. Rare Cask is made from selecting the very best sherry casks, both European and American oak, and meticulously blending them together to create their newest crown jewel. Perfectly balanced vanilla and leathery raisin combine with brighter fruits of apple, citrus, and a hint of chocolate, this is one phenomenal whiskey you must taste to understand. We have paired this with a two year gouda to add a sweet toffee tone, a brown buttery note for a sweeter texture, and a creamy nuttiness signature to the Macallan line.

Come on in, try out these pairings, and get 15% off these hand selected cheeses in the Cheese shop both Thursdays. We hope you can make it and find a brand new flavor combination you adore, and please let us know what your favorite is!