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A New & Improved France 44 Experience

We always say that the one constant at France 44 is change. After twelve years on the same platform, we’ve made the decision to switch to a new, cloud-based platform. This switch will happen on April 20th. We’re excited to update our point of sales and membership systems, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned. But what does this mean for you, our customers?

Here’s a quick synopsis of the biggest changes for you:


  1. Your Club 44 points and rewards will be converted into our new system. With the new platform, you will identify yourself on a touchscreen by entering your phone number. One of the benefits of this new system is that YOU will be able to see and redeem your own points and rewards at the cash register.
  2. Returns will be much easier for all sales conducted in the new system, since all the sales will be attached to your account and refunds will go automatically back to the credit card you used for the original sale.
  3. The France 44 mobile app will be replaced with a new, integrated rewards tool. Unfortunately, this new tool does not currently have the ability to show you your detailed purchase history. We are working with our new provider to get purchase history details added to future releases of the product. But FEAR NOT! We will still be able to see your purchase history at the service desk, so we can always look back to see what items you bought.
  4. Any of our customers who have credit cards on file with us will have to update them through our new system, since we are unable to see any of the stored card information in either system. The way that this will be done is via a special “onboarding” email that will be sent to affected customers. Consequently, it is VERY IMPORTANT that all club members make sure their email and phone numbers are up to date in our current system. You can do this through your mobile app, if you have the current version, talk to any one of us at the service desk, or email us at
  5. We will be able to sell tickets to our classes through our website and our cash registers. This will be a big improvement over our current system.


We know that there will be some hiccups in the process and we thank you in advance for your patience as we make this necessary transition to a new computer system. Please know that we will do everything in our power to make this as seamless a process for you as possible.

Cheers to new and improved France 44 experiences in 2020!