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Gifts for Dad

This Sunday, treat Dad to a new favorite libation! Our staff was hard at work this week coming up with a sure-to-impress collection of gift ideas for Father’s Day. From the ultra-cheesy to the thoughtfully meaningful, everything on this list is 100% bona fide for the paterfamilias in your family. 

Fair State Pahlay’Ahlay Pale Ale – $8.99/4pk

Pale Ale… Peel-Eel… No… Paul Wall… No no no… Pahlay’Ahlay. Ahh yes, that’s better! Send your hop-lovin’, lawn-mowin’, dad-jokin’ father some beach-y, mellow vibes with this vibrantly-hopped pale ale. Dressed in cool Tommy Bahama blue, Pahlay’Ahlay packs surf-y tropical aromas sourced from Citra, Simcoe and Denali hops. It’s truly the ultimate summer pale.

Montucky Cold Snack Lager – $6.99/6pk

Does your dad live an active, outdoorsy lifestyle? Does he take pride in giving back to the community? Does he prefer a crisp, refreshing lager after a hard day’s work? If you answered yes to these three questions, then Montucky Cold Snacks are the perfect gift for your pop! Montucky Cold Snacks was founded 7 years ago in Bozeman, Montana with the dream of creating a quenching light lager whose profits support charitable causes. This brew competes with larger internationally-owned domestic lagers, but 8% of the profits support our lands, people, wildlife and the arts. Cold Snacks taste best after days exploring the great outdoors.

High West Yippee Ki-Yay Rye Whiskey – $69.99

Looking for a new and interesting whiskey for Father’s Day? Look no further than High West’s Yippee Ki-Yay Rye Whiskey. This annual release just had its 2018 debut this week and as always it is finished in Syrah and sweet vermouth barrels. A rye finished in sweet vermouth and Syrah barrels you say? Boy, that sure sounds like it’s tailor-made for a Manhattan. And you would be correct! Filled with vanilla and dark fruit of maraschino cherry and plum while showcasing balanced rye spice of clove and cinnamon, Yippee Ki-Yay is great neat or in a Manhattan but best showcased with a large ice cube, orange rind and a just a dash if Angostura bitters on a hot day on the patio.

Russell Henry London Dry Gin – $39.99

Is your father a classic gin drinker who enjoys his Tanqueray, Sapphire, or Beefeater? If you’re looking to spoil dad with the best London Dry Gin, give him Russell Henry. Ironically made in California off of a cognac still, Russell Henry is dubbed “lighter than air” for a reason. Crisp, clean, light, and bright with tons of classic juniper forward notes with just enough complimenting botanicals. Perfectly suited for gin and tonics, martinis, or negroni, it will be the best base for a perfect gin cocktail. If your dad is a straight GnT guy, grab Russell Henry’s Malaysian Lime infused gin right next to the London Dry, he will not be disappointed!

Round Pond Kith & Kin Cabernet Sauvignon – $29.99

No Father’s Day is complete without a big bone-in ribeye on the grill, and no ribeye on the grill is complete without a big, bold Cabernet! Give Dad the perfect pairing he’s been drooling over all summer long: a France 44 Meat Shop bone-in ribeye and Round Pond’s Kith & Kin Cabernet Sauvignon. Aptly named for such a family-centered holiday weekend as this, the Kith & Kin is packed full of deep, dark fruit, a lusciously full body and a long, dry finish.

Koehler-Ruprecht Dry Riesling – $19.99 | Koehler-Ruprecht Rose of Pinot Noir – $19.99

We’d like to introduce you to a couple of our all-time favorite summer wines: Koehler-Ruprecht dry Riesling and Rose of Pinot Noir. These wines are both absolutely delicious as well as poignantly symbolic for this weekend meant to celebrate family and generations. Importer Louis Dressner says, “Koehler-Ruprecht has existed since the 1700s, but Bernd Phillipi’s hard work over the last 30 years has solidified the winery’s world class reputation. Bernd’s biggest inspiration was his grandfather, and the wines reflect an attitude of winemaking more akin to the 1900s than the 2000s.” It’s safe to say there are no other wines like these in Germany—or anywhere. They have stood the test of time and generations, and we’re planning on raising a glass of Koehler-Ruprecht to the fathers, grandfathers, and all the good men in our lives who have shaped us to be who we are today. Cheers, and Happy Father’s Day!