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Our Booze-olutions for 2020

As 2019 ends and 2020 begins, all of us at France 44 have begun reflecting on the past year. Two of our wine staff, Josh and Sam, earned their Level 3 WSET certification. We won a fancy award from the Growler Mag’s 2019 Kind of a Big Deal Reader’s Choice for best bottle shop. And our store turned 60! First off, yes, we do moisturize for great skin. Second, while most stores would be looking at retirement come 65, we are looking at how we can make the next 60 years of serving you even better than the first six decades.

Believing in exploring new territory, discovering new libations to enjoy, and always growing in our knowledge of beer, wines, and spirits, we asked all our staff what subjects and areas we want to pursue in the coming year. Some are in jest, some are of a more serious air, but when it’s all said and done we have a committed staff dedicated to learning more to provide you with better service. Here are the 2020 France 44 resolutions:

Adam | “I am exploring more domestic wines, specifically in Washington and New York. There are a lot of exciting wine happenings outside of California in America, so I am going to dedicate time this year to dig deeper into these wine regions.

Bennett | “In 2020, I want to revisit and expand my knowledge of the Old World beer styles that laid the foundation for modern craft beer. I also plan to continue educational pursuits in the wine and spirits side of our business.”

Sarah | “All things Madeira.”

Tom | “I want to learn more about vermouth, sherry, and port; essentially, fortified wines. Additionally, there are a lot of unique agave spirits coming to market, so this is an area I am excited to explore come 2020. Also, Tommy Bahama makes a bourbon. I might need a new job if Tommy Bahama is now making bourbon instead of shirts.”

Mike | “I am going to drink more white wines, but specifically find food pairings that work well with whites and expand my palate and tastes.”

Dustin | “I spent a lot of 2019 drinking beer, so I am going to go back to wine for 2020.”

Karina | “My New Years Wine Resolution is to get people to drink more sparkling wine, and to get used to the idea of using it as a great food pairing wine—not just for celebrations or special occasions!”

Dylan | “Apparently there is now a Tommy Bahama bourbon. I need to figure out why this is allowed to exist. And whether I want to exist in a world where $80 Hawaiian shirt companies sell $100 bourbon.”

Sam | “I really want to see more of American wines, but also learn more about (and drink more) rum.”

Bill | “My New Year’s Resolution is to get past my hatred of natural wines. But this resolution will fall apart by January, just like natural wine. (Too truthful?)”

Rob | “I’m drinking more crispy bois. More crisp and clean lagers in 2020. That’s it.”

Melissa | “I am going to be continuing my cider education and representing France 44 at CiderCon 2020.

Josh | “Who says you can’t pop Champagne on a Tuesday, just because? I want to drink more sparkling wines through the year without special occasion.”

Chaz | “Honestly, there’s so much more for me to learn. But really, I just want to get a new Tommy Bahama shirt and drink their $100 bourbon in my Tommy Bahama shirt. I think after 24 years of searching, I have finally found my place in this world.”

So, the drink is in your decanter. What will you drink more of in 2020?