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Single Barrel Season

written by Chaz

The leaves may still be falling, and Halloween is just a few days away, but holiday shopping has already begun. Social distancing and staying safe has many people already thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Year’s Eve. We have already started multiple services to accommodate people including curbside pickup and a concierge service. Keep an eye out for our holiday gift packs coming soon as well. But as we have made changes to the shopping experience, the premier end of year products are still coming through the door, including our single barrel whiskey selections.

With the rise of American whiskey in the last 20 years, people are always on the hunt for something different and unique, and we certainly have those here at France 44. At the moment, we have three unique single barrels perfect for whoever you may know in need of another special bottle for their shelf. While Maker’s Mark is one of the most well known liquor brands, few know of their private select program. Our newest Elijah Craig barrel that arrived last week is a steal, and our Rossville Union Rye is one of the best whiskeys you have never tried.


From the private stave collection, this wheated bourbon came out the barrel at 111 proof. The barrel leans hard into the French Mocha and American Pure seasoned staves, giving it a rich, chocolate forwardness. It finishes with notes of sweet orange rind and vanilla. If you like wheated bourbon, you will love this selection.


Not your typical Heaven Hill single barrel. The barrel is light on fruit and dry oak, with instead a heavy helping of vanilla and caramel, bordering on ice cream sundae. The age statement comes in at a youthful eight years, but older is not necessarily better. We think this bourbon is mature beyond its years.


Sweet, fat, and spicy! This single barrel is exactly as it is named, with prominent spices in the aroma, yet sweet pastry in the palate. The finish is big, long and full of flavor. MGP, the maker of Rossville, is a big reason behind the success of Willett Distillery rye and the High West lineups. Expect the same high standard in this single barrel.