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You Have Accessories?!

Yes! Yes we do have accessories! Many of you took advantage of our clearance sale two months ago. Since then, we have been working hard to rebuild our accessory selection with new items that complement our customer favorites. A big focus on the replenishment has been on reusable items, high quality cocktail accessories, gifts, and the kind of things you can use outside so you can take advantage of our few months of summer.

For reusable items, we have expanded our Corkcicle line, added reusable straws, and expanded our glassware offerings to include pieces that cost $5 to Riedel sets. We are making efforts to move away from single use, non-recyclable, non-compostable offerings. Though we are just underway with this effort, you will start to see the effort in the accessories now.


We have also brought in pieces from Cocktail Kingdom. Cocktail Kingdom is a renowned supplier of high quality bar accessories and they can now be found here. We have limited quantities of their Black Matte Bar Series, bar tool roll up/carriers, Bitters Bottles, and Dash Darts which are special tops for off-the-shelf bitters. Our goal is to continue to expand our offerings from them.

Gifts are another focus we have in accessories. In addition to our regular accessories, we have added beer and wine tea towels, fun bottle openers, Dala Horse decanters and glasses, sake sets, and wedding themed items. This section of accessories will continue to grow.

With a couple months of summer left, we are really excited about having items you can get to enjoy them! We have high quality glassware, pitchers, decanters, ice buckets, coolers, paper straws, drink holding yard stakes, and other such things that will allow you to take your fun into the great outdoors while you can.

Intrigued? Come on into the store and look, not only by the registers, but on the France Ave wall by the windows to see what we have to offer. Just like wine, beer, and spirits, we can also look into special orders if there is something you would like, but can’t find.