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All American Wines for the Fourth!


If you were to call a wine “All-American,” what would that mean? What would it be? A big, bold California Cabernet? A Gallo product? How about Sutter Home White Zin?

Sure, all these wines have their roots here in the good ol’ U-S-of-A, but what about a wine that truly encapsulates the elusive “American Identity?” Consider, for example, Bedrock Vineyards. Located in California’s Sonoma Valley, winemaker Morgan Twain-Peterson searches out the oldest, gnarliest vines that California has to offer. Sometimes, that includes Zinfandel or Carignane vines that are 150 years old—Gold Rush era—and still bearing fruit! So why is Bedrock the All-American winery?

~ Bedrock works primarily with Zinfandel grapes. The name “Zinfandel” has only ever been used and documented in America, even though its ancestry can be traced back to both Italy and Croatia. It goes by other names in other countries, but over time, early California grape growers finally settled on the term and spelling that we know today. A truly American name!

~ All of Bedrock’s wines are field blends, which incorporate a whole cast of different grapes. Although Zinfandel is usually at the forefront in these blends, its character is given extra depth and richness by other grapes like Petite Sirah, Carignane, Mourvedre and Alicante Bouschet. So, just like our beloved America, Bedrock’s wines are rich in diversity!

~ Bedrock prides itself on seeking out the forgotten and neglected vineyards. Twain-Peterson also has an all-star cast of grape growers and vineyard owners who are fantastic stewards of the land, and give the utmost care to these old vines that have so many stories to tell. Many of those vines have lived through a few human lifetimes, as well as countless historical events. The vines that no one wanted during Prohibition and for many decades afterwards have now become priceless pieces of history, bottled up for you to enjoy. Truly the American Dream!

Shebang! Red Blend

Bedrock “Old Vine” Cuvee

Bedrock “The Bedrock Heritage”