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How Merlot Can You Go?

There isn’t a person in our current wine-drinking generation that hasn’t heard those fateful words: “I am NOT drinking any *@#&ing Merlot!” Heck, maybe you’ve even said them yourself. (Bonus points if you actually remember who said them and in what context…) It’s baffling to think that one line from one movie over 10 years ago could do such damage to an entire industry, but hey, that’s the power of the media. On the upside, a lot of bad Merlot producers didn’t have a market anymore. On the downside, a lot of good Merlot producers… didn’t have a market anymore. And since Mr. Giammatti’s character claimed to love Pinot Noir so much, guess what replaced the “bad Merlot” market? Yep—bad Pinot Noir.
Friends, Merlot has sat in its time-out corner for too many long, lonely years. It’s learned its lesson. It’s come into a new season, and is ready to show you what it has to offer. Do you like beautiful, ripe, plummy dark fruit? Do you like full-bodied, well-balanced, structured wines? Do you prefer dry wine? Do you enjoy Bordeaux from time to time? Guess what: you’re totally into Merlot. No more suspicious sideways glances (pun intended). We dare you to give it a second chance, and it all starts with this bottle.
Coming from a Paso Robles producer already known and loved well at France44, this new release is 100% Merlot, and 1000% delicious. The Rabble Wine Company gets back to the foundation roots of good, solid Merlot: no fancy new oak, no over-the-top sweet fruit character, no ballooning alcohol. The dark berry and plum notes of this classically-styled Merlot are accented with hints of baking spice, mocha, and fresh-ground coffee bean.
To really get the full effect of the magic of this Merlot, bring a bottle over to the cheese shop and plop down with a couple friends, a hunk of blue cheese, and one (or several) freshly-baked baguettes. The wine and the gorgeously funky flavors of the blue cheese play off each other to bring out luscious flavors of near-bursting blueberries, plump blackberries, and just the right amount of spice. Only one question remains: how Merlot will you go?