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No White After Labor Day? We Beg To Differ.

As far as we can tell, the rule “no wearing white after Labor Day” was meant to differentiate the fashionable “old money” upper class and the “new money” wannabes—a secret code, if you will, to let snooty socialites who to let into the proverbial club, and who to shun. It’s anyone’s guess why or how this ridiculous adage has subsisted through the ages, although there have been plenty of rebels who have bucked the trend (here’s looking at you, Coco).

We think you should wear what you want to wear, when you want to wear it. But more importantly, we think you should drink what you want, when you want to drink it! Sure, it’s getting a bit (unseasonably) brisk outside, but those big fat reds can wait. Winters are long here in Minnesota.

We’ve chosen 5 of our favorite full-bodied white wines to bring you gently into fall. These regal beauties are classy and stylish, and pair perfectly with your favorite cardigan, a crisp breeze, a few colorful leaves, and a late-summer bonfire. Here’s to bucking trends and indulging in your wine of the moment—whatever it may be. Cheers!

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Chateau Montus Blanc

We had the great honor of hosting the inimitable Alain Brumont at France 44 a few months ago. Hailing from France’s Madiran region, this stately gentleman enjoys world-renown as southern France’s most prominent and influential winemaker. His winemaking philosophy is uncompromisingly pure and nature-driven, resulting in wines with a vibrant character and unique personality. His Montus Blanc is the finest white coming out of Gascony, and tastes akin to the finesse of a Montrachet. The Petit Courbu component in the wine brings silkiness, body, and a mellow texture, accompanied by floral notes, fruitiness and a gentle freshness. The Petit Manseng in the blend brings minerality, richness, and rigor and order to the aromas. Finished in oak, this is a wine built for the ages, while also drinking stunningly well now.

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Longridge Chenin Blanc

Our wine geek Dustin fell head-over-heels for Longridge Estate on a recent trip to South Africa, and rightly so! Everything coming out of this top-notch winery makes you sit up and take notice—least of all this drop-dead-gorgeous Chenin Blanc. Opulent and richly textured, this dry, organically-farmed Chenin sees enough oak to melt any Chardonnay lover’s heart. Fermentation in French oak, followed by almost a year of aging in oak gives this wine its voluptuous body and smooth texture. Green sweet melon, rich citrus, lime and perfume greets you on the nose, while hints of oak spice and nuttiness on the palate ends in a crisp, elongated finish.

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Castellaro Bianco Pomice

Born from the volcanic soils of the Aeolian archipelago Lipari, Tenuta Castellaro’s “Pomice” white wine wrests poetry from an exotic landscape. Castellaro is committed to 100% organic viticulture, preserving the traditions of time past in order to provide high-quality, sustainable resources for time future. Pomice is a blend of the native Malvasia delle Lipari and Etna Carricante, bringing together fresh citrus fruits, wild flowers and almond notes, with a feminine elegance and a delicate tanginess on the finish. Drink it now or drink it in a decade—this exotically Burgundian bottle will satisfy and awe you in any stage of life. This is a white with layers, depth, and a thousand nuances.

Mustiguillo Mestizaje Blanco 2015

Mustiguillo Mestizaje Blanco

Bodega Mustiguillo is a gargantuan effort of love, focused on the barely-known indigenous Spanish varieties Bobal and Merseguera. Never heard of them? You’re in good company. Their Mestizaje Blanco, a blend of Merseguera and Viognier, focuses on the low alcohol and high acidity content of Merseguera, complemented by the full-bodied and aromatic Viognier. Although this wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel, it still has a gorgeously rounded texture and silky finish. Apricot, tropical fruits and a whispery of honey are framed by white peach, scented flowers and citrus on the nose. The palate is medium-bodied with a fresh, fruit and floral attack and an unctuous mid-palate that is kept in check by bracing acidity. Truly one-of-a-kind, Mestizaje Blanco shows its unique personality in this pleasant and imminently friendly wine.

Poseidon Vineyard Chardonnay 2015

Poseidon Chardonnay

Who would we be if we didn’t throw a California Chardonnay on our “full-bodied whites” list? But the Poseidon Vineyard Chardonnay isn’t just any old oaky, buttery Cali Chard. This “wine from the seaside” reinvents the stereotypical notion of New World Chardonnay. Planted in 1973 (a lifetime ago, according to Californian standards), this sea-level vineyard produces Chardonnay grapes with a crystalline balance of fruit, acidity, and measured alcohol. Part of the uniqueness of this Chardonnay comes from the use of 100% Kádár Tokaj oak barrels from Hungary, adding to the spice and smoke that comes through on the nose and palate. The wine opens up on the nose with aromas of sliced Granny Smith apples, cream soda and hard candies flavored with the essence of lemons and limes. Upon first sip, the wine explodes with a mélange of honeydew melon, cantaloupe and raw sugarcane. The finish balances out with lively acidity and mineral-laden freshness, with lightly roasted hazelnuts and toasted oak lingering gently on your tongue.