Beer Cooler Picks

For the beer staff these days, the only constant has been change. On any given week we are likely to receive north of 50 new items into our cooler space. While the logistical challenges have become more daunting, the benefit is that we are now able to carry even more of the world’s finest beers. With an overwhelming list of new brews to consider each time you shop, it is important to acknowledge that you’ll never be able to try them all, and that’s ok. It is important to us, however, that we can assist you in discovering beers that you’ll truly enjoy each time you leave our doors. You already know that we have a top-notch selection of the freshest hazy IPAs, but here are some other gems worth your attention right now:

Indeed Pistachio Cream Ale — $9.99/4pk Cans 

Yes, it works. Softly sweet, nutty malt notes with a creamy body.

Utepils Receptional Festbier — $8.99/4pk Cans 

This golden festbier has a wonderful biscuit-y malt character and smooth, dry finish.

Bad Weather Tippin’ It Down Earl Grey Tea ESB — $9.99/6pk Cans 

Spicy, floral tea notes envelop a chewy malt character and an herbal hop finish.

Drastic Measures Humble Mumble — $15.99/4pk Cans 

A milk stout brewed with lactose sugar and crushed Oreos. So delicious. Need we say more?

Oliphant Spooky Squishy Sour Ale — $9.99/2pk Cans 

It’s fall in a can. Tart apple with a sprinkle of vanilla and spice.

Ology Resolved Enigma West Coast-Style IPA — $16.99/4pk Cans 

Dry, light body from pils malt and a beautiful hop bouquet from Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops.

Black Stack Side of Ranch Lager — $8.99/4pk Cans 

It’s a beer made for pizza, what’s not to like? Totally gulp-able and delicious.

Wine Feature: Dopff & Irion ‘Crustaces’

We dare you to buy the ugliest label in the wine world.

No, really. We dare you. This back-to-the-80s-looking white from Alsace in France is all you need for these warm, springtime temps and ever-lengthening days. We’re talking about a fresh, clean, unoaked, can’t-wait-for-another-sip white made primarily from a grape called Sylvaner–one of France’s (and Germany’s) best-kept grape secrets. If you like Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigios, Elblings, wines from Savoie, or any other crisp and mineral-driven white wines, there should be no hemming and hawing about this wine.

PAIRS WITH: everything you see on that silly label, with any starter course, cheese plates, or just by itself

PICK ONE UP: regular $16.99 | on sale $14.99