Low-Alcohol Cocktail Recipe

With dry January coming to a close, we thought now might be an appropriate time to ease everyone back into the harder stuff with a low ABV cocktail: the spritz. Generally, cocktails sit anywhere around 20 to 30 percent alcohol, but spritz style cocktails are much lower in alcohol, with ABV being right around five percent. The most famous of these types of cocktails is the Aperol spritz, a refreshing libation that’s particularly good on a hot summer’s day here in the Twin Cities. So, if it’s a good summer drink, why are we discussing it now, in the dead of winter? Well, by simply swapping out the Aperol with one of our favorite aperitifs, Bonal, you transform the bright and citrusy summer cocktail into something with rich flavors of ginger, baking spice, and bittersweet notes. Add a splash of elderflower tonic and slice of grapefruit, and you have a delicious low ABV drink, perfect for the winter. With all that being said, here it is, the Bonal Spritz:

  • 3oz Bonal Aperitif: Bonal is an aperitif that uses gentian root, cinchona bark (where quinine is derived from), and a blend of herbs that gives it its distinct bittersweet flavor.
  • 1 Bottle of Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic: Fever Tree Elderflower tonic is floral and lightly sweet, while still having that distinct quinine flavor that tonic is known for. We think it’s an excellent pairing with Bonal.

Fill a large wine glass with ice, add your Bonal, top with the tonic, stir lightly, garnish with a half slice of grapefruit, and enjoy!

This drink, if mixed according to the above directions, will have an ABV of 4.9% (don’t worry, we did the math so you don’t have to), so feel free to have two! The depth of flavors in the Bonal are lifted and enhanced by the sweet, floral notes from the tonic, while the grapefruit garnish adds a pop of color and beautiful bittersweet aromas that only make this cocktail even better. The result is a fantastic winter variation of a classic summer drink that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do!

For the Sober-Curious

The world of non-alcoholic beverages has grown over the past few years, and we are happy to carry plenty of options for anyone trying to cut out or cut back their alcohol intake.  We carry NA options all year long, but there is a movement called Dry January that was started in the UK to encourage people to reassess their relationship with alcohol by abstaining from drinking for a month. Even though we are a liquor store, we love this idea and have put together a sampler kit of some of our favorite products to get you started!  Our staff can also help you find other NA beer, liquor, or wine that fits your vibe, as our selection has grown considerably over the past year.  We assure that you can still be the life of the party without the hangover!

Our Non-Alcoholic Sampler Kit includes:

St. Agrestis "Phony Negroni" (12oz Bottle)

With juniper, citrus, and floral notes, the St. Agrestis Phony Negroni offers the same bitterness you would expect from a traditional negroni, but without the alcohol! Enjoy it chilled right out of the bottle or over ice with an orange twist.

TÖST ROSÉ (2 Bottles)

TÖST ROSÉ is an all-natural, delicious, dry, sparkling non-alcoholic beverage with white tea, Ginger and Elderberry. This is the store favorite when it comes to NA alternatives to sparkling wine.

Ghia Spritz Variety Pack (3 cans)

Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif packed with only pure, natural extracts. Potent plants. Heady herbals. Blithe botanicals. The Spritz includes yuzu, rosemary extract, and elderflower to temper down the natural bitterness, but still taste complex. The kit also includes the Ghia Lime & Salt Spritz and Ginger Spritz.

Athletic Free Wave Hazy IPA (2 cans)

Athletic Brewing has been a pioneer in the non-alcoholic beer scene and is one of our most popular NA brands. The Free Wave Hazy IPA doesn't disappoint. It's juicy, citrusy and delicious.


Josh’s New Years Bubbles Crash Course

There is never a shortage of reasons to open up a bottle of bubbly! This week we get to celebrate with a classic tradition (and of course a personal favorite), sparkling wine and New Year’s Eve. Read our guide to some of the iconic sparkling wine styles and regions around the world, and our recommended wines for New Year’s celebrations.



The Icon. Champagne is still the considered and recognized as some of the best sparkling wine in the world. The name and the wine itself is tied to celebration, luxury, and of course ringing in the New Year. Most Champagne is made of the following three grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier (though several other grapes are permitted). The process to make Champagne, known as the Traditional Method, often exhibits toasty, brioche flavors in the wine. This method, in which the 2nd fermentation happens in each individual bottle, is also the hardest and most expensive way to make sparkling wine. This fact plus the prestige of the region is often reflected in the Champagne price tag, with Champagne wine prices starting around $40.


This festive pink bubbly is one of our all-time favorites, no matter what time of year. Best to get two bottles though, or your host gift will be gone before you even walk out the door to the party.


One of our favorite Champagnes returned just in time for the holidays! This Blanc de Blancs Champagne is impeccably well balanced and delicious. Notes of toast, green apple, and blossom linger on the palate with this nuanced bubbly.


Marc Hebrart has long been one of the favorite grower Champagnes here at F44. A pinot dominant blend that showcases notes of ripe apple and toast. An absolute treat.


Looking for a Champagne-style wine without the Champagne price? Look no further! Crémant is a category of French sparkling wines that are made using the same method as Champagne. There are eight different regions in France that make Crémant. The grapes grown in each region will be featured in that region’s sparkling wines. For example, Crémant de Bourgogne (Crémant from Burgundy) will be made with the key grapes of Burgundy: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The styles of wine within this category can vary dramatically, but often there is a high value-quality ratio, making it a fun category to explore. 


One of my all around favorite sparkling wines right now. 100% Pinot Noir. Rich and biscuity on the palate - the perfect celebration wine.


This beautifully delicious and easy going bubbly is predominantly Chenin Blanc and shows notes of nectarine, baked apple and honey. One of the best sparkling wine values.


Hailing from the Northeastern region of Italy, Prosecco is a fruitier expression of sparkling wine. It is made using the “Tank Method”, which is faster and less expensive than the Traditional Method which is reflected in the price of the wine. Prosecco is made with the aromatic white grape, Glera. Offering notes of melon, pear, and tropical fruits, Prosecco pairs excellently with a wide range of foods. It is a playful, delicious, and fresh style of wine that is meant to be drunk shortly after purchase! When unsure of what bubbles to bring to a party, Prosecco is always a safe bet.


Technically not Prosecco, but same method of production & you’re going to love it. Notes of meyer lemon, peach, and pineapple.


A fresh and classic representation of Prosecco. Notes of pear, yellow apple, and a touch of blossom - with just the right amount of sweetness. Any leftover? New Year's day Mimosas!


Spain’s answer to French Champagne. Cava mirrors some of the qualities of Champagne. It is made using the traditional method, it has similar aging requirements, and often showcases rich, toasty flavors. Cava, however, is predominantly made with three Spanish grapes: Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarel-lo (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are allowed, but are still relatively minor grapes to the style).  A major difference between Cava and Champagne is the price. High quality Reserva or even some Gran Reserva Cava is still half or a third of the price of Champagne!


Avinyo, one of my favorite Cava producers, continuously delivers on all of their wines. Their Reserva Brut is a steal - with notes of nectarine, ripe apple, honey, and a touch of baking spice.


Raventos, considered the "First Family of Cava", has long been one of the icons of Spanish sparkling wine. The Blanc de Blancs has zippy aromas of green apple, lemon, and Marcona Almonds.


This might be my favorite sparkling rosé that we currently carry. It is elegant, yet complex - fresh, yet subtly toasty. If you are thinking rosé, choose this!


As they say, “everything old is new again”. The original method for sparkling wine production that has become fashionable in the past decade or so, and has made quite the splash into the market recently. A few short years ago we had a handful of Pét-Nat wines and now we have an entire section from all over the world! Although “Pét-Nat” is a loosely defined term, wines labeled as such often (though not always) follow these general rules:

  • Made using the Ancestral Method (part way through the first fermentation the wine is bottled and then the 1st fermentation finishes in the bottle resulting in carbonation)
  • Bottled unfiltered/without disgorgement. Yes, there may be sediment or even chunks in your wine (yummmmm chunky wine…). It is harmless and will settle to the bottom of the bottle if undisturbed.
  • Topped with a metal crown cap instead of the traditional sparkling wine cork.
  • Often slightly lower in alcohol
  • Less carbonation than traditional method sparkling wines like Champagne

Pét-Nats range in style from fresh and fruity to funky, sour, almost kombucha-like wines. The wines below fall more in line with the former.


This Slovenian Pet-Nat tastes like salted grapefruit and lemon zest. It's delicious, it's organically farmed, it has a stunning electric pink color, and playful packaging - it has it all!


The Il Mostro wines have been some of the most popular Pét-Nats since they arrived here a couple years ago. Certified organic, refreshing, and just tasty.

The 2022 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

We know you’ve been waiting all year for this. We’ve got a gift box for everyone on your list, from the beer buff to the cocktail curious–even a non-alcoholic sampler pack! Check out our France 44-exclusive wine maps and drink coasters. There’s also a tried-and-true list of delicious and exciting wines that are sure to impress any host (and keep your party invites coming for years to come). And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, come talk to our staff for more ideas or fill out this nifty custom gift form. Cheers, and happy shopping!

Gift Boxes


Give the gift of education this holiday season with a class at France 44! We have more classes on our calendar than ever before. From Pizza Making to our 3-Part French Wine Series, there is a class for everyone! Check out all of our class offerings HERE.Not sure which class to gift? No problem! Purchase a GiftAClass gift card and let the recipient choose the class

Stocking Stuffers

Pick up our house blend of mulling spices or a three-bottle sampler pack of your favorite spirit.

We also have our very own Wine Region Maps and French wine region coasters! Grab one or all of them. Only here at France 44. 

Exclusive Spirits & Beer

We have two store-pick single barrels from Stellum Spirits right now. We are so proud of how these barrels turned out.

F44 Stellum Single Barrel Rye

This 5 year old cask strength single barrel rye features a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. It boasts sweeter notes of green apple and honeyed orange on the front end, with a warm finish of baking spice and black tea.

F44 Stellum Single Barrel Bourbon

This delicious France 44 selected single barrel bourbon boasts seriously big and bright notes of honeyed cherry, vanilla, and a touch of citrus, along with a sweet oaky finish. Bottled at 113.82 proof, it’s a bourbon for all bourbon drinkers. 

Modist Brewing “Foeder 44” DDH Oak-Aged Pilsner

We teamed up with Modist again to make another great, exclusive beer. Is it a Hazy IPA?? Nope. It’s a Pilsner! But not just any Pilsner. This one is hopped with Nelson Sauvin & Wakatu, then aged in their oak foeders and then double dry-hopped with more Nelson Sauvin, Strata and Citra Cryo hops.   

Wines for Host Gifts

J. LAURENS 'LA ROSE NO. 7' - $19.99

This festive pink bubbly is one of our all-time favorites, no matter what time of year. Best to get two bottles though, or your host gift will be gone before you even walk out the door to the party.


One of our favorite Champagnes returned just in time for the holidays! This Blanc de Blancs Champagne is impeccably well balanced and delicious. Notes of toast, green apple, and blossom linger on the palate with this nuanced bubbly.


A white wine made from red grapes? You bet! Through careful winemaking techniques Amity creates this beautifully fresh peach & citrus driven white that is perfect with just about any fare.


Domaine Carrette Pouilly-Fuisse is the perfect white for these chilly winter nights. This Burgundian Chardonnay is rich and round with notes of ripe peach and mango, toasted bread, and hints of cinnamon spice.


Powerful, yet well-balanced, the Ocnautic Cabernet delivers far above its price point. This Paso Robles Cabernet is herbaceous and juicy. Perfect for a holiday prime rib roast.


From the iconic Adelsheim estate, this wine is classic representation of Willamette Valley pinot. Sleek and slender, but fleshy enough to deliver cinnamon-accented cherry flavors, showing a hint of coffee as the finish lingers.


Beaujolais - a holiday food pairing classic. The Liger-Belair Moulin a Vent is an outstanding representation of the complexity, food pairing flexibility, and overall deliciousness that Beaujolais has to offer. With notes of blackberry, black currant, violet and sweet spices, it's a wine that will play well across a multi-course meal.

Live Holiday Music at France 44



Vocalist Norah Long, with Erin Roe on keyboard / 3-4pm 

Chick Cheer Quartet: Nicole Fenstad, Kym Chambers, Nickie Kromminga & Seri Johnson / 4-5pm 

Guitarist & Vocalist Evan Twichell / 5-6pm



Holly & Spice: Santa’s Singing Elves featuring Nicole Fenstad & Seri Johnson / 3-4pm 

Pianist Erin Roe / 4-5pm 

Violinists Ellen Hacker & Stephanie Skor / 5-6pm 



Guitarist & Vocalist Alanna Snortland / 3-4pm 

Jolly Jazz: Vocalist Seri Johnson & Pianist Jay Albright / 4-5pm 

Vocalist Norah Long, with Erin Roe on keyboard / 3-4pm 

Treble Tones Choir / 6-7pm 



Pianist Erin Roe with Vocalist Olivia Snortland / 3-4pm 

Pianist Natalie McComas / 4-5pm 

The d’Lakes Trio / 5-7pm  

Gift Boxes!

We know you’ve been waiting all year for this. We’ve got a gift box for everyone on your list, from the beer buff to the cocktail curious–even a non-alcoholic sampler pack! Click any of the pictures below to purchase your gift boxes or click HERE to see all of our gift offerings. Cheers, and happy shopping!

Libation Gift Boxes

Food + Libation Gift Boxes

Thanksgiving Beverage Guide!

Planning for holiday gatherings can be stressful and complicated, so we wanted to take some of the stress out of your beverage shopping with our Thanksgiving Beverage Guide. Whether you’re planning for two or 20, we’re here help you choose the perfect lineup. Below you will find our quick list of sure-fire winning drinks for your Thanksgiving meal. And, as always, the F44 staff is here to help you select your wine, beer, and spirits for any occasion! Stop by this week and let us help you find the perfect bottles. 


Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - $21.99

Loveblock is made by Kim Crawford, the inventor and namesake of one of New Zealand’s best-selling wines. After selling the company that bears his name, he and his wife started Loveblock. This wine’s bright acidity and flavors of lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, and white floral notes make it the ultimate refresher for the dishes at Thanksgiving. It also pairs particularly well with any vegetable dish (green beans? no problem!) or salad you may be having. 

Frank Family Chardonnay 2020 - $39.99

Chardonnay is one of the “Big Three” when it comes to Thanksgiving wine (alongside Pinot Noir and Gamay). Chardonnay is versatile, crowd pleasing, and often rich enough to stand up to Thanksgiving classics. The Frank Family Chardonnay comes from vineyards in Carneros at the southern end of Napa Valley. It is barrel fermented in partial new French oak, giving it a lovely hint of toasted oak and vanilla. The wine showcases aromas of brioche, baking spices, and candied lemon. On the palate, it is full-bodied and creamy yet balanced by its lively acidity with nuanced flavors of yellow apple, lemon curd, baked pear, and melon.

Planet Oregon Pinot Noir 2021 - $27.99

Planet Oregon Pinot is made by one of our all time favorite producers out of Oregon: Soter vineyards. From the highly regarded Willamette Valley, this pinot noir offers classic aromas of cherry, cranberry, and a hint of cinnamon. Light and lithe on the palate, fresh red fruits dominate a clean and mineral finish. Pinot is an iconic pairing to just about everything at your turkey dinner – especially the turkey! 

Splurge Wines!

Marc Hebrart Cuvee de Reserve Brut - $69.99

The Icon. Champagne is still the considered and recognized as some of the best sparkling wine in the world. The name and the wine itself is tied to celebration and gathering together. Marc Hebrart has long been a favorite producer amongst our staff, and is sure to pair delightfully with just about anything on your Thanksgiving table. 

Remelluri Rioja Reserva - $47.99

Thanksgiving reds don’t always have to be a light & chillable. I have found that the wines of Rioja play particularly well with the traditional Thanksgiving dishes as a richer and more robust red wine option. Remelluri is one of the all time greats when it comes to wines from Rioja. The Reserva is somehow both powerful and elegant — youthful, yet still complex. It has notes of dark cherry, plum, tobacco, and dried herbs, with a long and dry finish. Not having Turkey? It’s a great wine for ham or lamb as well. 


Modist 'Foeder 44' DDH Pilsner - $11.99

We teamed up with Modist again to make another great, exclusive beer. Is it a Hazy IPA?? Nope. It’s a Pilsner! But not just any Pilsner. This one is hopped with Nelson Sauvin & Wakatu, then aged in their oak foeders and then double dry-hopped with more Nelson Sauvin, Strata and Citra Cryo hops. Wow…..that’s a lot of hops.  

Trust me when I tell you that this is pretty, pretty, pretty good! 


Dashfire "Ready-to-Drink" Old Fashioned - $31.99 (750ml Bottle) ---- $5.99 (100ml Can)

You may want a cocktail after Thanksgiving dinner, but in the midst of a food coma, who has the energy to make one from scratch?
Dashfire’s ready-to-drink bourbon old fashioned should be what everyone is thankful for this year. Using a blend of four bitters, natural sugar cane juice, plus a hint of cherry and vanilla, this is a high quality after dinner drink that you only need to pour over ice and enjoy. 

The Red Wines of Austria

by Adam

The last few days aside, fall weather is here and winter is coming. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and colder. “Hunker down” season is upon us in the upper midwest. If you’re a seasonal drinker like myself, you start to move away from the crisp acidic white wines of summer, and find yourself roaming the aisles of France 44 looking for a good bottle of red wine. Austria may not be a country you think of when you are searching for that bottle of wine, but it probably should be. 

This week we are featuring three red wines from Austria made from the lesser known grapes: Blaufrankish, Zwiegelt, and St Laurent. Though the three wines are made from different grapes and each offers its own unique nuances, in a broad sense these wines are just right for this time of year. They have the right amount of fruit balanced by the perfect amount of earthy tones. They have the right amount of acid while also having soft rounded tannin. In terms of a seasonal beverage, you could say these wines are very much like the third bowl of porridge in the story of Goldilocks, everything about them is just right.

Heinrich Blaufrankish 2019 - $25.99

Although it goes by Lemberger in Germany (and the US) and Kékfrankos in Hungary, Blaufränkisch’s true home is in Austria. The warm climate of Burgenland ensures a deep, full-fruited expression of the grape and a rich purple color to match. Blackberries, herbs, and spices round out the complexity of this wine, made so thoughtfully by Weingut Heinrich. This biodynamic producer has been on the forefront of developing off-the-beaten-path regions as well as adding fame to their Burgenland home.

Esterhazy Zweigelt Classic 2017 - $22.99

The laboratory lovechild of St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt was brought into the world in 1922 at the famous Klosterneuburg Institute. The structure of St. Laurent and the deep-fruited notes of Blaufränkisch are apparent in this wine, which is now Austria’s #1 planted red grape. The history of the House of Esterházy goes back to the 13th century, and wine growing has been in their genes for over 250 years. Today, the winery boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to producing authentic, classically-styled wines.

Zantho St Laurent 2019 - $15.99

Zantho is a cooperative effort between Josef Umathum and Wolfgang Peck, two superstar winemakers in Burgenland known for their pure, honest expressions of red wines. Zantho’s objective is to work closely with small farmers to produce high-quality grapes that speak truly of varietal detail and place. Their St. Laurent is gorgeously silky with bright red berry fruit, a hint of gentle earthiness, appealingly fresh acidity, and no hard edges.

Our Maker’s Mark Private Select Barrel has arrived!

by Tom

The wait is finally over: we have received our Maker’s Mark Private Select Barrel! Maker’s Mark has one of the most interesting single barrel programs ever where you can customize a ring of staves that are dipped into the barrel for a finishing time period of nine weeks. A few years ago we landed on the perfect blend of staves for our palates. With the addition of ten staves with five different staves to choose from, there are a daunting 1,001 different possible combinations.

The Staves to Choose From

The five staves made specifically by the Independent Stave Company to choose from are the following:

  • Baked American Pure 2- the only American Oak in the bunch, giving it brown sugar, vanilla and spice.
  • Seared French Cuvee- This stave is ridge-cut and seared with infrared heat, this stave gives off toasty caramel.
  • Maker’s 46- the classic. This stave gives off dried fruit and caramelized spice.
  • Roasted French Mocha- toasted on high heat in a convection oven, giving off big maple, chocolate, and toasty char.
  • Toasted French Spice- toasted on both high heat and low heat giving off smoke and cinnamon spice.


The F44 Private Select Single Barrel

As you can tell, we had a long and arduous task ahead of us. Blending up different combinations of staves to see what we liked best, I mean twist our arms, right? We quickly realized Maker’s Cask Strength is nowhere as sweet as classic Maker’s Mark, so we went for a more creamy and fruity profile while also falling head over heels for the Roasted French Mocha staves. We ended up with the following:

  • 3 Baked American Pure 2 staves for Vanilla
  • 4 Roasted French Mocha for chocolate and maple
  • 1 Maker’s 46 for cherry
  • 1 Toasted French Spice
  • 1 Seared French Cuvee

Here’s the exciting wrinkle, unless you have used our beloved French Mocha Staves in a past recipe, you cannot use it use it. It was been retired and archived so you can only use it in past recipes, so this is the only place to grab this special bottle we have cooked up for you!

Bottled at 109.1 proof,  it smells like chocolate covered cherries and tastes like creamy caramel and vanilla, but why don’t you stop in and grab a bottle and see what you think?

Spooooooky Cocktails!


We’ve got some spoooooky cocktails for all your Halloween shenanigans!  Some might push you to try something a little more complicated, but don’t be scared!  They will be worth the work.  And some will be perfect to share with friends at your next séance or ghoul gathering.  Let those skeletons out of your closet, it’s time to party!

Violet Delights 

  • ½ oz Liber & Co grenadine
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 2 oz Empress gin (must use for the color)
  • Fever Tree Club soda

Fill a highball glass with ice, add grenadine, lemon juice, gin, top with soda water and a cocktail cherry.


Kitchen Witch Smash 

Mezcal is the star this week for a spooky smoky cocktail.  This one is a little extra work but will be worth it!  For an extra witchy vibe, repeat a mantra or set some good intentions while you muddle your ingredients.  Or hex someone, we won’t tell.

  • 8 fresh blackberries, plus more for topping
  • 1-2 teaspoons fresh rosemary, plus a sprig for serving
  • Juice from half of a lemon
  • ½ oz Código Agave Nectar
  • 2 oz Lu Luna Cupreata Mezcal
  • a couple dashes of Regan’s Orange Bitters
  • Fever Tree Club Soda

In a mixing glass, add blackberries, rosemary, lemon juice and agave nectar. Muddle the ingredients together, squishing everything to release the juices.  Add ice, along with the mezcal and orange bitters.  Stir for 20 seconds and strain over ice into a mason jar. Top with club soda and garnish with fresh rosemary and blackberries.



Phantom Vehicle

By now you probably have some apple cider sitting in the fridge ready for a new spin.  Here’s a fun fall take on the classic sidecar.  If you’re feeling adventurous, try this warm during your next chilly evening by the fire.   Or if you’re feeling lazy, simply warm up the apple cider, add cognac, and top with whipped cream for an easy treat.

  • 2 oz. fresh apple cider
  • 2 oz. Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac
  • 1 oz. Cointreau
  • 1 oz. fresh lemon juice
  • Lemon peel and Griottines brandied cherries, for garnish

Add all liquid ingredients to a cocktail shaker, top with ice, and shake until the shaker starts to frost and feels very cold to the touch (20 to 30 seconds).  Strain into a coupe glass and top with zest and brandied cherries.





Cachaça Zombie 

Trick or treat!  What’s this new creature at your door?  It’s cachaca, a Brazilian liquor made from distilled sugarcane juice.  This cousin of rum is a little funky and earthy and makes for a great cocktail.  But don’t worry, after a few of these you’ll be the fun kind of zombie not the brain eating kind.

  • 2 oz Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça
  • 1/4 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao
  • 1.5 – 2 oz On the Fly Tropical Cocktail Mixer
  • 1 dash Angostura or Bittercube Trinity
  • Absinthe rinse (optional but recommended)
  • lime wedge and mint sprig, for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Rinse an oversized whiskey tumbler with absinthe, add crushed ice, and pour in your strained cocktail.  Garnish with a lime wedge and mint sprig.



Spooky Sangria 

You probably still have some apple cider; we all make the same mistakes every fall, nobody is perfect.  So here’s a great recipe to share with your ghoul and goblin friends at your haunted gatherings.  Use up that cider and that dusty bottle of pinot grigio you never got to in the summer, and bring the shenanigans to the party!

  • 1 bottle pinot grigio
  • 2.5 cups apple cider
  • 1.5 cup Schweppes Club Soda
  • .75 cup Velvet Falernum liqueur
  • 3 honey crisp apples chopped
  • 3 pears chopped

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl, stir, and chill for one hour before serving.